The Matcha Review

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Brace yourself, everybody, because this post is going to be ALL ABOUT MATCHA! 

I've decided to compile some matcha desserts I've tried in the past and dedicate a blog entry for them since I'm such a huge matcha lover! Read on for more green pictures 😆💚

Tombo Pokē & Matcha Bar

As reviewed in my previous post, Tombo's Matcha Soft Serve is by far the best... uhm... matcha soft serve.. I've ever had! You'll be able to tell just by the dark colour of the ice cream that the matcha flavour > milk flavour! I highly recommend those of you who love matcha to try out Tombo's Matcha Soft Serve.


TSUJIRI is pretty well-known globally as it has stores in the UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Philipines! Although I'm from Malaysia, ironically I have never had the chance to try TSUJIRI in Malaysia. Thankfully, with the great public transport service in the UK, I was able to make my way to TSUJIRI in Soho HAHAHA.

On my first visit, I got the Shiratama Sundae which was made out of matcha soft serve, red bean paste and shiratama (mochi balls). Compared to Tombo's matcha soft serve, TSUJIRI's soft serve definitely tasted milkier, but I really love the sweet red bean paste as it complimented well with the matcha soft serve. I'm the type of person who enjoys having something to chew instead of plain smooth texture (hence my love for bubble tea and oreo milkshake) so I love having some shiratama to chew on! It's quite chewy and your jaw WILL GET TIRED if you try to chew all three of them at the same time. It doesn't have any taste so do eat it with the ice cream and red bean paste instead of saving it for last.

I chose the Crispy Sundae on my second visit and this time I had both matcha and hojicha flavour. It consisted of brown rice puffs, matcha and hojicha soft serve, red bean paste, chestnut, shiratama and a waffle biscuit. In my opinion, the hojicha lacked flavour and if I was blindfolded while I ate it, I wouldn't be able to tell it's hojicha flavour. However, the creamy texture of their soft serve compensates the subtle flavour, which in turn makes it a decent cup of sundae to indulge in. I'm not a huge fan of having the brown rice puffs at the bottom because it's so difficult to dig it out.

Pan De Vie

This bakery serves some really amazing cakes and desserts and I have absolutely no idea why it never pops out in any of my Google search on matcha desserts. A friend of mine introduced me to it and since then I have been following their social media account.

They have a wide selection of matcha bakeries such as Matcha and Almond Layered Cake, Matcha Chocolate Fondant Dessert and Matcha Almond Croissant. Besides matcha flavoured bakeries, they also do incredible-looking desserts like this Christmas special Le Cerise.

PC: Pan De Vie Facebook 
I can't deny I'm so attracted to their fancy-looking dessert creations! 

PC: Pan De Vie Facebook

Choice of the day: Matcha Azuki Mousse

A light and creamy matcha mousse but again, the matcha flavour was very subtle. I love the layering of matcha cake, red bean and mousse as it balances the taste and texture well.
On a side note, I don't see the reason of gold foil (is that what you call it?) on the red bean. It didn't add or enhance the flavour so I'll safely assume it's just there to hike up the price of the dessert.

P.S. Tokyo 

Getting out of London, we're now in Malaysia! Matcha soft serve is definitely rising in popularity in Malaysia as more and more cafes and dessert shops selling matcha food are popping out. If you prefer a milkier texture of matcha soft serve, P.S. Tokyo has you covered. I'm not a huge fan of their matcha soft serve as I prefer mine to have a stronger matcha flavour. In terms of creaminess, I wouldn't say it's as creamy as Tombo's or TSUJIRI's. Instead, it tasted rather light.

I am, however, in love with their hojicha soft serve because you can taste the hojicha well, unlike TSUJIRI's which was pretty mild. If you enjoy the strong roasted taste of green tea, P.S. Tokyo's hojicha flavour will be the right choice for you!

Apart from their soft serve, I also love P.S. Tokyo because of the cafe's Instagrammable setting. They provide handy decoratives for those who wish to take #Instafood #Foodporn pictures, and by posting your picture on Instagram with the hashtag #pstokyo , you get to print your picture out in polaroid style with their printer for free!


Hop back to the other side of the world as we stop by Mamecha in Berlin for some matcha fix. Matcha is generally not a well-known flavour in Germany so there's not many Matcha cafes around. This is probably why Mamecha is always filled with customers especially in the evening as people enjoy a quiet afternoon tea.

However, Mamecha did not live up to my expectation. Their Matcha Latte had a really light matcha flavour which ended up tasting more like hot milk. The matcha tiramisu was quite a mess in the sense that it was made of slices of matcha sponge cake, topped with whipped topping and dusted with matcha powder. It lacked the most important flavour - matcha - as the whipped topping overpowered everything else.

Despite the very weak flavour of matcha in their Matcha Latte and Matcha Tiramisu, their Matcha Cappuccino was pretty decent! It had a good balance between the coffee taste and matcha flavour - perfect drink to sip on while reading a book or during a rainy day.  

That's all for our review on matcha food! Surely there are loads of places serving quality matcha food and we hope to be able to try as many as possible! But for now, we shall satisfy our cravings for matcha desserts by scrolling through #matcha on Instagram. 

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