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Hello everybody! I'm finally back to blogging after abandoning it for three months. Second year of university has been really tough because I had to juggle between assessments and diploma exams. Not to mention I was writing some articles for The National Student website as well.

Here's a short food review on Shoryu as my first blog post of 2017!
For those who are in the UK, I know there has been a long debate between Shoryu's and Kanada-Ya's ramen. Some say Kanada-Ya's ramen is the best, and some say Shoryu used to serve great ramen but over the years it has failed to keep up its performance.
Now, I can't comment on that because I have never tried Kanada-Ya, but I can let you know that my friend and I had a tough time deciding which restaurant to go to satisfy our cravings for ramen. Obviously, with my review on Shoryu today, you'll know which we had chosen.

Shoryu has a few branches around London, mainly Covent Garden, Regent Street and SOHO, so if there's a long line in one of them, you can easily try your luck at the other locations.
My friend and I went to Regent Street and surprisingly, the restaurant was empty despite us arriving just before noon.
It's a pretty small branch with around 20-25 tables so when it gets filled up, it's actually really narrow.

Brace yourself for the price because it's quite expensive, especially if you're a student. But comparing the prices to other ramen restaurants, it's actually a standard price for Japanese ramen in London.

For starters, we ordered two Shoryu buns - Char Siu BBQ Pork Belly and Tiger Prawn Tempura.

There's only a handful of fillings in it - two lettuce leaves, two slices of cucumber, the choice of your filling and mayo.

My friend and I agreed that the Char Siu BBQ Pork Belly was the best because the meat was tender and well-flavoured. The most important part was the sauce was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The meat wasn't as fatty as we expected so we highly recommend it!

As for the tiger prawn tempura, it didn't live up to my expectation because the batter wasn't crispy. If I get to choose again, I'll skip the tiger prawn tempura. But hey, on the good side, the batter wasn't soggy and oily, and they gave two prawns instead of one.

For the ramen, we both opted for the Kotteri Hakata Tonkotsu, served with generous toppings of char siu barbecue pork belly, nitamago egg, kikurage mushrooms, spring onions, sesame, ginger and nori seaweed. 

Everything seemed perfect at first look. The egg was beautiful, the pork broth was rich and flavourful and personally, I love ramen with loads of toppings.

Ok time to dig in!

There's something about the broth which I couldn't figure out at first. It was really rich and flavourful at first but that's probably because I was starving so much, so everything tasted nice to me.
After a few mouths, I turned over to my friend and said: "There's something off about the ramen but I can't tell."
"It's really salty," she replied.

HOLY GUACAMOLY! It actually was! LOOOL jokes on me for not being able to tell.

It was so salty to the point I was so sick of it! And I could feel an ulcer popping out! 😩
Putting that aside, there's nothing to rave about the ramen apart from the egg which was near perfection (Those who had tried authentic ramen in Japan probably disagree with me but I've never been to Japan so this is the closest-to-perfection egg I ever had).

Overall, I'll give it a 6/10.

It's not a ramen restaurant I'll crave to go back but seeing how long the queue was when we were leaving, I guess most people feel that their ramen is worth the wait in the cold. If you've been to Shoryu, do let me know how you felt about the ramen because I probably went on a bad day. Who knows?

Shoryu Ramen 
9 Regent Street, SW1Y 4LR
Mon - Sat 11:15 - 00:00
Sun & Bank Holiday 11:15 - 22:30

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