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"Take a picture, it'll last forever"
At some point in life, I believe everybody has the wish of decorating their room with polaroid pictures. Millions of ideas will run through your mind - arranging it to form a heart shape, clipping it with fairy lights etc.
Polaroid has always been popular since it was invented. That excitement you feel when the picture was being printed, when you and your friends gathered around the camera waiting to check the print, oh how great it was.
However, taking polaroids can be 'risky'. What if you don't look good? What if the lighting is bad? What if... What if...
As much as I love polaroids, I get paranoid every time I take one. Thankfully, I found LALALAB!

Started in 2012 by three young founders, LALALAB allows you to print pictures straight from your smartphone, avoiding the hassle of transferring pictures to your computer beforehand. 
There are five types of prints - classic, vintage, regular, large classic and large regular. 
I went for the vintage print because it has white borders around the picture which is similar to a polaroid print. Priced at £0.29 per unit, I was able to get 34 vintage prints with the £10 voucher I received from LALALAB. 

Although the size of the vintage prints (10x12cm) is larger than a typical polaroid print, it is still perfect to decorate your room. 

Instead of sticking your prints to the wall with blue tack, you can clip them up as well to create an elegant decoration in your room. 

The app also allows you to write a caption, apply filters and enhance the colour and brightness of your pictures before printing them. For confidentiality and efficiency purposes, all the pictures are printed the way they are received, so there's no worry of having your pictures cropped or edited. 

LALALAB's photographic laboratories are located in France and Germany to ensure fast delivery and optimal quality. My order, for instance, was printed in and shipped from Germany, and only took a few days to arrive in my mailbox. 

Among all your prints in the package, there's a LALAGAME scratch card. Insert the code you get into the 'LALAGAME' section in the mobile app and it'll reveal your prize. 

Besides common prints, LALALAB also offers a wide variety of customised printings. You can have a picture taken during your holiday printed into a postcard to be sent to your family and friends. 

They also do photobooks ranging from 26 to 80 pages, priced at £0.79 per page. The hardcover photobook is perfect for reliving adventures and as a baby book. 

If you wish to gift your family or friends a collection of pictures, you can opt for the Lalabox (36 to 48 vintage prints) or Biggiebox (80 to 120 vintage prints). 

Other products include calendar, magnets, posters, alu-dibond, frames, canvases and phone cases. 

For more information, visit LALALAB 
LALALAB mobile app is available on Google Play and App Store, and they offer worldwide shipping too!

credits: LALALAB 

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