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Hey everybody! Apologies for the long break from blogging. The past few months had been super hectic for me - final exams, moving out from my university accommodation, family holiday, flying home to Malaysia and trip to Singapore.
Phew~ There were so many things to do but I'll still admit that my long break was partly due to laziness HAHA.
Anyways, I'm super glad to share with you a new food review today! Shout out to Food Ink and U Pizzeria for the sponsored food session!
U Pizzeria started serving fresh quality food since last October. The 'U' in its shop name signifies 'Good' (优) in Chinese saying - portraying the owner's aim to deliver the good in everything.
Their choice of yellow for their signboard and shop's design symbolises their brand identity and happiness. The concept is to bring the family together and gather more buddies.

Chicken Wings with BBQ sauce (4 pcs) 

Our first try was the Chicken Wings with BBQ Sauce. There's also a choice of honey if you prefer a sweet taste. Personally, I find the taste of these chicken wings nothing more than normal. The slight sourness of the BBQ sauce does lift your appetite though. 

Garlic Bread Stick

Next up was the Garlic Bread Stick. Simple and chewy dough but the taste of garlic is very subtle. I prefer one with stronger garlic and butter taste. 
Now for the highlights -

U Seafood Bonanza
Personal pizza: RM16
Regular pizza: RM35
Large pizza: RM47

My eyes were filled with heart emojis when I saw this pan of U Seafood Bonanza being served right in front of me. I am an absolute fan of salmon and this pizza had me drooling despite the black olives (I hate olives). Based with U pizza sauce, this pizza is topped with yellow onions, black olives, green peppers, shrimps, grilled smoked salmon, mushrooms and cheese. Notice how there's salmon pieces on each slice of pizza? That's my definition of a good pizza. Nobody misses the good thing. 

Sambal Api
Personal pizza: RM11.90
Regular pizza: RM26.90
Large pizza: RM35.90

Every Malaysian will surely have tried sambal in their whole life. Either they love it or hate it. Eaten mainly with Malaysia's signature food - Nasi Lemak, U Pizzeria combines it with pizza and created the very first Sambal Api pizza. Topped with sambal, ikan bilis (anchovies), onions, garlic, sausages and cheese, the spiciness really does give a kick to your taste bud. I found it slightly spicy but another Food Inker was adding tabasco sauce to it! 

U Mexicana
Personal pizza: RM16
Regular pizza: RM35
Large pizza: RM47

If you're a Mexican food lover, this pan of U Mexicana may be perfect for you. This pan of wonder consists of U pizza sauce, sundries tomatoes, red chillies, jalapeños, beef pepperoni, meatballs, ground beef, red peppers and cheese. I'm definitely no fan of jalapeños and only tried a slice with the meatball. Honestly, I had some difficulty swallowing the meatball because it was dry. 

However, points must be given to the generous amount of cheese on the pizza!

Meat Delight
Personal pizza: RM11.90
Regular pizza: RM26.90
Large pizza: RM35.90

Beef lovers can opt for the Meat Delight which consists of beef salami, (lots and lots of) ground beef, cheddar and mozzarella cheese. I love this pizza because of the generous amount of meat and cheese on it! 

U Durian Delight
Personal pizza: RM 16
Regular pizza: RM35
Large pizza: RM47

Last but not least, the legendary U Durian Delight. Many people find durian disgusting, especially its smell often being described as a dead body or sewage. I am and will always be curious about how deadly the smell is to other people because I love durian and I find the smell really unique and pleasant (don't you dare judge me). I couldn't hide my excitement when I was served with my very first durian pizza. What's best is the durian used to make this pizza is the almighty Musang King durian! 
For those who are not familiar with durian, Musang King is the king of the king of fruits. According to Year of the Durian, Musang King is like black market gold. It is the most sought after, desired and expensive of all the durian varieties, selling for more than twice the price of a more average durian. 

U Pizzeria's Durian Delight is made with Musang King durian flesh, pineapples and a mix of mozzarella, parmesan and edam cheese. All these ingredients compliment each other really well and I am absolutely in love with it. 
Besides all the above pizzas I reviewed, U Pizzeria offers a wide choice of pizzas to satisfy every person's taste bud. Their signature pizzas include Aloha Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetarian Pizza. 
They also collaborate with Food Panda to provide delivery service around USJ, Shah Alam and Putra Heights. 

23, Jalan USJ 21/11
Subang Jaya, 47630
Operation Hours: 
Mon - Sun 1100 - 2200

More info @ Food Ink

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