The longest 'nap' I ever had

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Amid my giant workload, I decided to take a break from it and tell a true story of what happened to me yesterday. I am still unable to get over it, or maybe never will. But here it goes...

I took a nap around 5pm on Friday after a Skype session with my friend. I was exhausted and feel asleep minutes after I closed my eyes.
When I woke up, I saw my room was slightly lighted from the rays outside, as I left my curtains open. Naturally, I reached for my phone to check the time and it showed '5.30'.
"Oh... I didn't sleep for long." I thought, assuming that I had fell asleep at 4pm, not 5pm.
As I pull my notification tab down to check for notifications, I saw a whatsapp message stated "6.45pm yesterday".
Yesterday? Why would it be yesterday? I just had a chat with that person before my nap so any notifications received 'yesterday' would not appear.
And then I saw it.



I checked the calendar on my phone and it showed 'Saturday 26 March 2016'.

I stood on my bed for a minute, thinking about what just happened.
The dim rays of sunlight shining through my window is from the sun rising, not from the sun setting!
I was in disbelief.
It seems so real to believe it's only 5.30pm on Friday, but it's actually 5.30am on Saturday.

How did an intended 2 hours nap lasted for 12 hours until the next day?

It was a terrified feeling.
I had to check the year to make sure I did not travel through time like some drama scene.
So many things ran through my mind, mainly "HOW ON EARTH DID I SLEEP FOR SO LONG".
I have been tired and sleepy but I can never sleep for so long, and I never understand whenever my friends say they sleep for 12 hours or until afternoon. My body clock will always wake me up by 11am.

Even now, I still find it difficult to believe what just happened. I am scared to take naps now.

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