Galway getaway - Part IV

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Final part of my holiday in Galway is here after procrastinating for a while. 

Before you continue reading, I realised the pictures I posted appear blurry unless you click on them to enlarge it. I will try to fix the problem as soon as possible. It's so frustrating because I spent days editing the HTML and then a problem pops up! >:(

Back to Galway...
Had a stay in on Monday because I forgotten my camera and so I was only able to visit Cliffs of Moher on Tuesday. Best mistake ever made because the tour driver said the weather on Monday was foggy so tourists could barely get good pictures on the cliffs. 

The tour I took included some other places which are along the way to Cliffs to Moher. First stop was Aillwee cave. The main highlight of the cave is its stalactites and stalagmites. However, I didn't see those because the entrance fee is €5. So during the 45 minutes stop, I wandered outside the cave, enjoying the hill top view. 

Hopped on the bus to our next destination - the Burren landscape. 

The remarkable bare limestone area. 

The Poulnabrone Dolmen - the hole of the quern stones. 

And finally, Cliffs of Moher! 

The weather from Galway city up till Doolin was cloudy but when we arrived at Cliffs of Moher, it was so sunny I had to put on my sunglasses! 

Spectacular view! It was worth climbing up the cliffs! 

A view of the O'Brien's Tower. It marks the highest point of the Cliffs of Moher. I wanted to walked up there as well but due to limited time, I couldn't. That's the disadvantage of following a tour. 

Lots of guts needed to take a selfie on top of the cliff. Don't worry, there's wall barriers along the walkway so it's impossible for you to fall off the cliff. 

After visiting Cliffs of Moher, we stopped by Doolin for lunch and headed back to Galway city. The tour did take us to see the Blackhead lighthouse and Dunguaire castle which is located along the way back but I won't be sharing those pictures because it was taken from the bus and the quality is so bad!!! 

The next day, I took the tour again, but this time, to Connemara! 

First stop, Spiddal, often referred to as the gateway to Connemara. 

Spiddal ft. messy hair. The weather on Wednesday was not good as the storm was approaching. It was so windy and I was freezing cold. 

Cloudy day as we expect a storm. 

Immediately after this photo, I ran up the bus, shivering. For an instance, I thought I was gonna lose my fingers because I couldn't feel them. 

Galway Bay 

Stopped by the road side as we travel to Maam Cross. The rugged landscape of Connemara makes the bus ride so bumpy and some of us were hit with motion sickness. 

There's a chair nearby the river for us to snap some artistic pictures as well. The three jokers on the tour really did make good use of it. 

Final stop, Kylemore Abbey & Gardens. It was our lunch stop as well. However, after having lunch, it started to rain! 

Obviously, that didn't stop me from walking up to Kylemore Abbey. Better make use of the €8 entrance fee I paid. The best picture I could take was this. It was raining so heavily and I had to protect my camera from the rain. 

Please don't blame me for cutting out the candle holder. I have short legs. 

A peek of the inside of Kylemore Abbey. 

The view from outside Kylemore Abbey. 

No rain is gonna stop me. 

Walked under the rain to the Gothic Church located 10 minutes away from Kylemore Abbey. 

Stayed for a while in the church before walking out under the rain back to the bus. There's so much more to see such as the Mausoleum, Ironing Stone - 'the Kylemore legend', Sacred Heart Statue, The Benedictine Church, Victorian Walled Garden and Head Gardener's House, Bothy & Glass Houses. However, due to the terrible weather and limited time, I wasn't able to visit all of them. 


Hopefully, I get to visit Kylemore Estate on my next visit to Ireland! 

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