Galway getaway - Part II

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Day 2 in Galway. 

Kicked off my morning with an English breakfast at GBC. Tripadvisor said it's a must to try a full Irish breakfast but I dislike black and white pudding. Plus, the Irish breakfast is pretty similar to English breakfast, only with extra mushrooms, beans and puddings. The portion is too much for me so I went with a regular breakfast instead. 

My sister got the puddings. Yuck :( 

Visited Eyre Square which is located just round the corner of the cafe. 

Feeling so lucky because today's weather is so sunny! 

Okay so here's what happened today. 

I had no idea where to  visit today because all the places I wish to visit were all covered yesterday. Tripadvisor recommended Galway Atlantaquaria so I bugged my sister to bring me there even though it's located quite far. 
Outside of the Atlantaquaria was a beautiful view of the sea, similar to Gurney drive in Penang. 

Love the wind but hate it as well because it makes my hair messy. 

Sister bonding time <3 nbsp="" p="">

Okay, back to what happened. After some picture time outside, we entered the Atlantaquaria and I was a bit scared to enter because I'm scared of animals. All kinds. Don't laugh. 
We stood in front of the counter and my sister asked me three times, 'Are you sure you want to enter?' 
I said yes. It has good reviews on Tripadvisor so I thought it'll be great. 

The moment I step in, I regretted. This is what it looks like. Not some fancy aquarium I imagined. 

The fishy smell hit my nose the moment I went in. It looks like a fish market with huge open tanks. There's quite a few common sea creatures such as starfishes, crabs, lobsters, sea basses etc. 

We walked the whole aquaria in half an hour. It's a pretty small aquaria but it's a good educational place for small kids. They have touching live session where we get to touch the starfish and spider crab. Of course I didn't touch them because I was so terrified. 

Nope... Not gonna touch it... 

After visiting the aquaria, we went out again to take more pictures. Loving the weather today. 

Walked along the sea to head back home and managed to catch more beautiful scenery. 

When your sister annoys you to take a picture and you're so frustrated with your messy hair 

More lovely scenery along the way 

Nest recommended place to visit by Tripadvisor - Kirwan's Lane. 
Pretty disappointed because it's just a back lane :( 

Last stop at Butler's Chocolate Cafe to grab a cup of hot chocolate. It comes with a free truffle and it was so good! Their hot chocolate was also excellent and it's definitely worth the try. They sell a variety of chocolates such as Irish whiskey chocolate and truffles as well. A must visit if you're in Galway. 

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