Galway getaway - Part I

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Greetings from Ireland! I had always wanted to update my blog while I'm travelling because it's easier for me to remember the places I've visited and the things I've done but my laptop is always the first thing I throw out when my bag is overweight. 

Visiting Ireland was a very last minute decision. After some thoughts, I booked the cheapest flight to Dublin because I wanted to make use of the free accommodation in my sister's rented house before she graduates this year. 

Mind all the unedited pictures. My sister's computer does not have those editing programmes.

Made a long list of places I wish to visit, hoping I'll be able to visit all of them during my 7 day trip. But guess what? I visited half of the places today because it's all in the town centre and the visiting time only took around a few minutes.

First stop, my sister's university - National University of Galway. Pretty amazed at the castle-alike administrative building with plants roots creeping up the walls.

Such beautiful buildings but the classrooms are not based here. 

Oh and did I mention I was so grateful for today's good weather. According to my sister, Galway rains everyday during winter but I was extremely lucky for it to not rain or drizzle today! The wind was not very strong too so it was perfect to visit places! 

The campus has many pretty places to take pictures! 

Next stop, Galway Cathedral. I only took a few pictures because it was quiet in the cathedral and my camera's shutter is quite loud. It's pretty huge inside and they have a gift shop as well. 

A miniature model of the cathedral. 

Not a centred picture because I didn't want to disturb the prayers. The cathedral is really huge and beautiful. It was worth the visit! 

Third stop, St Nicholas' Collegiate Church.

Here comes the food part! YAY! 

Everywhere on the internet recommended Griffin's bakery such as rye, soda, Irish Whiskey kick etc. 

Went into the shop and a saw a staff taking out this long bread! The female staff behind the counter clearly wasn't pleased with me taking a picture of it. I wanted to try out their soda bread but it wasn't on their menu, so I decided to check in online when I'm back and maybe buy it tomorrow. 

Another recommended place is McCambridges. I expected it to be a food hall with a variety of food but when I went inside, it was no difference with a small supermarket. There's a upstairs to what I assume is a their restaurant but I didn't head up because the queue was so long, customers were lining up along the staircase. 

Ughh... Olives

Irish loves their cheese!

They sell champagne bread (top right) and I was so tempted to try it but it's a long stick and I doubt I'm able to finish it. I don't want to be eating bread every single day!

A variety of scones! Guess which one I bought.

Stopped for lunch at a Moroccan restaurant called High Cafe. It was empty when we arrived but soon after we ordered, it was full house.

Moroccan Soup Harira - tomatoes, lentils and chickpeas soup.
It's a hearty soup and I absolutely love it! There's chunks of short pasta in it as well. It's a must try when you visit High Cafe.

Chicken Tagine. Not my favourite because it's pretty tasteless and they put olives in it! I hate olives! 

Back to the scones. I bought the high fibre brown soda scones! It's more like a muffin but definitely has a different taste which is unexplainable. The sides of the muffin scone is hard and it's quite dry, making it difficult to swallow. 

I'm super unsatisfied with this picture because it's not straight but there's too many people passing by so I had to take a picture in a rush. Visited the Thomas Dillon Claddagh ring museum! 

Just in case you are not familiar, this is a Claddagh ring. It's a traditional Irish ring and it carries a lot of meaning.  

There are ways to wear the ring as well. 
Traditionally, if the ring is wore on the right hand with the crown facing inwards, it indicates the person is not in any serious relationship and may be looking for one. 
When wore the other way round with the crown facing outwards, it means the person is already in a relationship. 
On the left ring finger with the crown facing inwards, it means the person is engaged, and the other way round indicates the person is married. 

A selection of Claddagh rings which caught my eyes but I couldn't buy because I already have a Claddagh ring. 

The world's smallest Claddagh ring on a tip of a needle. I struggled taking a picture because the glass is quite tall and I had to tip toe to see it. I hate being so short! :( 

Last stop was Spanish Arch. It seems like a normal human tunnel to me until my sister pointed out to me that it is the historic arch. 

Trying to fit the Spanish Arch in the picture

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  1. Very nicely written. Looking forward to more of your traveling posts. Have a nice day :)

  2. You're so lucky girl! This looks like a fun trip. And... I hate olives too. Ugh.. Just get out my plate olives!! xx frenchie