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Hello everybody!
I'm Elainelane, or better known as Elaine and I'm a Malaysian currently living in UK.
I study Journalism in University of Kent and honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with the course. Sometimes I regret choosing this course but there's also times when I feel I did the right choice pursuing Journalism. 
I am a difficult-to-understand girl, mainly because I have no idea what I want most of the time. I know this personality of me pisses some people off but do you know it pisses me off too? So if I've pissed you before, you're not alone! 
I have weird thoughts once in a while. For example, I sometimes wonder how am I, me. How do I have the ability of being in this body, being able to lift my fingers, see the world, being human. Yes, it does sound ridiculous, but trust me, it sounds a lot more sense when said. 
I hate reality. As humans, we're never satisfied with what we have. We just need to have more. I often escape reality (in bed, in class, in shower, while eating, while talking, walking etc) and am able to imagine a whole new scenario in my head even with my eyes open. Many times I forget if I'm in reality or my imaginary world. 
I'm not a fan of chocolate but I sometimes do crave for chocolate very badly. Please don't think I'm weird just because I say I don't like chocolate! And I dislike fizzy drinks too... 
I'm a really lazy person. Like... really really really lazy. I do worry about deadlines and hope to finish my work early but I'll rather use my time to worry than to do. That's just how I work. 
It's a long story as to how I started blogging. I had lots of bittersweet memories with blogging but I'm glad it's been giving me sweet memories now. I love how blogging preserves my memories in a place I'll never loose (unless Blogger decides to crash) but I have to admit, I seldom read back my blog posts because I'm too embarrassed to. But I hope you all will love my blogposts (although it can be boring most of the time haha) and thank you to all my readers and blog supporters! You know who you are! xx

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