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Elegant, sweet, new, classy - We are always looking for something different, to make things different.
Back to a few years ago, IT products such as phones and laptops came as it is. No fancy cover, no fancy sleeve, you can barely find a nice one in stores even if you want to. It's either the typical laptop bags, or maybe the plain coloured covers for protection.

When I first gotten myself a new Macbook for university, I wanted to prevent it from scratches. I can be the clumsiest person on earth. Even when I'm walking on a wide road, I'll bump into the wall, scratching my watch or maybe my skin. This time, I'm not risking my precious laptop.

I looked up stores in the mall in search for a cover for my laptop but to no avail. Pretty covers are not, and I mean it, NOT easy to find. Thank God we live in the 21st Century, where technology is improving day by day and we have something called online shopping.

Google came up with some great online stores and Facebook shops which sell lots of covers for my Macbook. Floral, colourful, artsy, cartoon... You name it. I browsed through the webpage and found this elegant marble cover. Very eye catching, I have to admit, but the price made me close the tab and never visit the shop again.

It wasn't until I saw an Instagram post by MrBrianSee where he shared a picture of his Macbook with the marble cover I had my eyes on. That was how I found the perfect online store to shop for Macbook covers - RNC phone accessories.

Sounds confusing, why name themselves RNC "phone" accessories when they sell Macbook covers? Well, in their earlier posts, they started off by selling phone covers before specialising in selling Macbook covers.

Excellent service, friendly seller, great quality, amazing choices and reasonable prices - all the traits we look for from online stores, and all achieved by RNC.

After browsing through their Instagram profile, I settled on the marble cover as well as the London sleeve. I whatsapp-ed the seller to enquire and got an immediate friendly respond along with clear answers. As I'll be leaving to UK soon, I requested to have my items delivered to me before 9 September. Although the faced problems with Custom Malaysia detaining the items for more than a week, they acted fast in organising everything and had the items posted out as soon as possible.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the service I received from RNC and also their great quality products. Products bought online usually have lots of problems such as broken sides, scratched marks, faulty zip, loose threads etc but I experienced no problems at all from my purchase with RNC!

If you're looking for a Macbook cover or sleeve, do check them out on Instagram at rnc_phoneaccessories!

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  1. oh my god looks great! now you make me me want to buy one myself! xoxoxo another shop that I know that sells great macbook covers on Instagram is @truejannah at shah alam.
    it would be great if you could check out my blog and follow me on the blog!
    xx Lany xx

  2. After reading this, I kinda wish I was a Mac user. Seriously your marble cover is so beautiful. Can imagine doing photoshot for my flatlay items for the blog or instagram. Shall check them out! BTW, finally I found your blog :)