8 things you might not know about Famous Amos

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MIA from blogging for almost a month and I'm quite surprised with my blog's view count! I thought it'll be zero but surprisingly no! Thank you all for visiting my blog!!

For those who doesn't know, I'm currently working part time at Famous Amos! Monday (3rd of August) marks my last day working so I thought I'll write about my experience working there. I was pretty lucky to land a job there even though I could only work for less than a month. My supervisor told me they never hire anybody who wants to work less than 3 months so I'm feeling lucky and blessed!

Without much unnecessary information, here comes the list of things you might not know about Famous Amos!

1. No mixing unless it's 200g or above

As a typical Malaysian, we all want to maximize our satisfaction and that means wishing to have as many types of cookies as possible without having to pay more. I've seen customers requesting to buy 100g of cookies with 2 flavors but sorry! Famous Amos only allows mixing of cookies for 200g and above!

2. No mixing (again!) unless it's the same price

We all know what attracts customers in all Famous Amos shops- cookies and the rotating containers of candies and chocolates. However, as a worker in Famous Amos, I beg you all not to simply mix candies and chocolates. I've seen many customers who put gummies and sour ribbons in the same bag and act like "Wow, I'm so smart to think of doing something like this.". If you'd not noticed (or maybe you did), gummies and sour ribbons are of different prices. Don't argue with the cashier if he/she charges you the more expensive one because that's what you're asking for.

3. Everything on the rotating containers and cookies are sold per 100g

Those kids-attention-seeker self service loose candies and chocolates are sold per 100g. We do not sell by number of pieces, per 50g or by ratio calculation to calculate the price by weight. Those are not bananas or tomatoes you buy from the supermarket. It doesn't work that way. Same concept for the cookies.

4. Bought cookies but want our lovely paper bag? Pay extra.

You may be one of those customers who requests for a paper bag instead of a plastic bag when you purchase a bag of cookies but sorry! Paper bags are only given out to customers who purchase gifts such as chocolate mugs or cookie tins. If you buy a bag of cookies and insist on having a paper bag, there'll be an extra charge. No arguments, plastic bag or extra charge?

5. Expiry dates

In Famous Amos, we follow strict expiry dates for our bakeries.

  • Crunchy cookies- 2 months
  • 50g big crunchy cookies- 1 month
  • Soft cookies- 2 days
  • Muffins- 3 days
  • Brownies- 3 days 
After the expiry dates, we toss them in the dustbin. I know, sad right? I'm amazed with their expiry rules to ensure no customers experience food poisoning because for my family, muffins can be kept up till a week before somebody volunteers to eat it away. 

6. Pretty ribbons with not-so-pretty price

Pink and yellow ribbons with a beautiful flower often catch customers' attention to buy our cookie canister or tins. Be aware that these ribbons (or what we call 'wrapping') has an additional charge of RM2.10 or more. Hence, the different prices for the tin in your left hand and the tin in your right hand. 

7.The price tag is below the item! 

"How much is this?" "How much is that?" 

The most common questions ever. If there's no worker to serve you and you're eager to know the price, just look below the item. We place the price tag below the item because having the price tag shown right in front of the item just seems to repel customers away. 

8. Famous Amos sells cookie crumbs! 

Fancy our cookies but the price is making your pocket cry? Don't worry. If you're an easily satisfied person, Famous Amos sells their cookie crumbs for RM8.50 (if I'm not mistaken) per kg. Best part is you get to taste all 6 flavors of cookies because we mix them all in the bag. I had no idea Famous Amos sells cookie crumbs because they never display it on the shelf, so do ask any workers in Famous Amos if you want to buy cookie crumbs. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Hey Megat! You can get them from any Famous Amos stores. They're not sold anywhere else!

  2. How many cookies do you think there is in a 100g bag? Just wondering��

    1. I'm buying in Indonesia as it is 3 times the price as Malaysia! :" I really love it anw. You can get about 15 small cookies per 100 gr

    2. Really?? WOW thats expensive, btw, i just counted how many cookie there really is. And for mine, theres about 43 in a 200g bag. So yeah~ btw, is it really true that u can buy cookie crumbs?

    3. Hey Nadiah, yes it's true! They don't display it on the shelf but you can get a pack of 1kg cookie crumbs if you ask the staffs. :)

  3. ive bought the cookie crumbs and made some cookies and it eventually turns out to belike one of the famous amos cookies......anyways thx for the info