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With the super hot weather in Malaysia, how can one not crave for ice cream? 
I'm sure most of you have heard of Inside Scoop. It first opened in Bangsar and had successfully attracted attention from the public especially youngsters. 
I'm glad it has made it's way to Taipan USJ, a business centre conveniently located near my place. 

The outlet in USJ has great atmosphere especially if you want to hang out with friends. The outlet can accomodate quite a number of people, although it is usually pack at night. 

The grass seating section is popular among youngsters especially girls. It's a great place to take pictures for instagram! But for those who are wearing shorts, bear in mind that the artificial grass is not skin friendly and it pokes. I stood up with grass marks all over my calf. 

My inside scoop flavors checked are:

♥Varlhona chocolate
♥Peanut butter cup 
♥Green tea
♥X.O rapsberry
♥Salted caramel

The green tea ice cream had a strong taste of green tea although it leaned more towards the milky side. It tasted similar to Starbucks' green tea latte, but in an ice cream form. 

I tried the waffles along with varlhona chocolate, peanut butter cup and durian. The varlhona chocolate was very rich and carried a slight bitter taste. I'm impressed with the peanut butter cup. It tasted just like the peanut butter spread I used to lick on when I was bored. As for the durian, I love it. The texture is rich it made me feel as though I'm eating durian. The smell was not as strong as the fruit itself but I was able to smell it when it was placed right in front of me. 
I'm not a fan of the waffles. I expected it to be hard waffles like A&W's, but it turned out soft. Very soft. However, plus point for the waffles because the color and presentation was nice. 

I had the waffles once again because my friend requested to order it. Our ice cream choices were salted caramel and mango lassi. I will not be reviewing the mango lassi as I did not taste it because this plate was shared with my friend. The salted caramel was...very salty haha. The first mouth was salty but after a few mouths, it tasted sweeter. I personally won't recommend this but some people do like the salted caramel. 

On my last visit, I had durian, hazelnut and x.o raspberry. As mentioned earlier, I'm not a fan of the waffles but my mom always ends up ordering the waffles instead of just scoops of ice cream. 
While I indulged in the ice cream, I thought the staff gave us peanut butter cup instead of hazelnut because it tasted exactly the same. I confirmed it was hazelnut flavor after accidentally eating a hazelnut. The last flavor, x.o raspberry, contains alcohol. The alcohol taste was not evenly spread because I could taste the alcohol in some bites only. The ice cream however, had a fair amount of real raspberries in it. 

Overall, I love Inside Scoop's ice cream but I love Baskin Robbins' more. Inside Scoop's ice creams tend to lose its flavors after a few mouth. They also have premium flavors which you'll have to pay extra for it. I wonder why can't they just standardize the price of their ice cream or maybe separate the premium flavors and standard flavors. The premium flavors have a red star beside its name and the staff will only inform you about the premium flavors after you'd made your choice and proceed to pay at the counter. 

Inside Scoop, 
27, Jalan USJ10/1E, USJ Taipan, Subang Jaya (next to Nandos). 
1pm to 11pm (Monday to Thursday), 
12.30pm to 12am (Fridays and Saturdays), 
12.30pm to 11pm (Sundays)

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  1. This thing is so famous now! Although I've personally never tried it as the closest one to me is in Bangsar and oh I'm just so not ready to face the traffic there! But I hope to try it soon! looks great xx it would be great if you could check out my blog and follow me back!