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Hmm :/ 
Had been neglecting my blog for a long time due to trials. Life as an A Levels' student is tough! 
Making a comeback on my blog with a bad review on a hair salon. 

Before Chinese New Year, I stumbled across a Groupon voucher for hair services. Since I wanted to dye my hair for CNY, plus the salon is located near me, I decided to purchase it. I researched the salon before purchasing the voucher but there was no review on their services. Well, no review is better than bad reviews right? 


I called a month before to book for an appointment because I wanted to dye my hair the week before CNY and usually hair salons are fully booked during festive period. 
Whoever answered the call was so unfriendly. 

My appointment was booked on a Saturday at 1.30pm. My mom and I arrived on time but we were asked to wait outside of the salon. There were 3 aunties inside, chit chatting, with only one having her hair done and the other 2 occupying the seats. The salon is so much smaller than it is shown in Groupon and can only occupy 4 customers max. 

We waited across the saloon on the bench for half an hour. A lady came to confirm our appointment and handed us the color book for us to choose our dye. I admit I don't have a good temper. I was so frustrated because I made an appointment and it was useless since I have to wait so long, across the salon. WTF? 

After 40 minutes of waiting, the lady said there's a space available and my mom told me to go first while she waited outside for her turn. 
This is the worst hair service I'd ever encounter. The hairdresser did a sloppy and terrible job in dyeing my hair. Instead of feeling like I'm dyeing my hair, I felt as though he's glazing oil on a meat like what we do for barbecue. 

After dyeing the top part of my hair (since my roots grew out, he had leave the dye longer than my bottom part which is lighter color so that the color is even), I looked up the mirror and saw my mom. 
She looked normal in the picture above right? 

Does it look normal now? I was like "WHAT THE F?"
They took a chair, put it at the corner of the saloon and sat my mom there to dye her hair. 
Wow, just wow. DAEBAK! 
Seeing how you offer Groupon voucher for hair services, I assume your business is not doing very well and need to boost customer counts. With this type of services, I doubt customers will return. 

Oh did I mention where I was seated? 

Next to a pile of dirty shelf filled with used dyes. I couldn't take a good picture of it because I was seated and didn't want to let them know I was taking pictures of it. But seriously? Do you not have a dustbin? 

What happened to the tidy shelf displayed on Groupon's website? 

My mom had her hair done faster than mine because she has short hair. She sat in the saloon to wait for me but soon the hairdresser asked her to leave the premise and wait for me across the salon. 
There's another customer and they don't have a space for her. 
Wow let me get this straight. 
You asked her to leave because another customer needed her space. Why didn't you ask the 2 aunties who were not doing their hair to leave the premise when my mom didn't have a space? 

I couldn't tolerate such service especially since we paid for it. If you're gonna treat all the Groupon users like that, might as well don't offer the voucher. I swear I ain't going back there even if it's free. 

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  1. Wow, that's a really terrible experience! >_< That's why I'm quite wary of buying this kind of Groupon deals, unless there have been good reviews of the place.

  2. Wow that is horrible! well at least you left a bad review now for others to read haha

  3. After dye, hows the result? Hmm what a terrible experience, better do research before trying a new place ;)

    1. The color came out fairly even but my scalp was stained with the dye. :(

  4. I should head down there and check it out. In the meantime , maybe fancy a travel blog post ? Get you inspired on where to go next ! :)

    YouTube Link :

    Catch my VLOG on my travel to Bandung, Indonesia and also a detailed post about my trip over at my blog :

    Followed u too btw - From Butterfly Project

  5. wow that is really bad service and I'm sorry for the way they treated your mum! no one should be treated that way! thanks for writing this review. now I know to stay away from that salon and honestly I had purchased a groupon deal in the past for a scalp consultation session and scalp treatment at this saloon but when I was there, they checked my scalp for like probably 15 minutes and tell me I have to pay RM800 for the actual treatment and that the treatment was not included in the package. Furthermore, when I told her I couldn't do it because I just got back from a 1 month holiday, so I didn't have the cash, the sales advisor became very pushy and condescending, her exact words were, "but it's only rm800 wor, you can pay using credit card" the nerve she had to tell me such things. Some people just don't know what customer service even mean. xx

  6. TBH I don't trust any groupon voucher for hair services. Seriously the way they treated your mom was terrible.

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