My 2014

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Going through 2014 once again...


  • I was so excited about going to college. I imagined it as a break out from prison because I can finally throw my uniforms away, dye my hair, let my hair down and bring my phone to classes. 
  • It was a wish came true when my mom finally allowed me to dye my hair.

  • I found out Zhilin, my primary school classmate, was in the same class as me in college!


  • Lou sang with my classmates to celebrate Chinese New Year. Wai Kin bought 3 boxes of yee sang and we did it during Chemistry class.

  • First birthday surprise from my friends at Kstreet. They surprised me with the puffer fish cake I'd always wanted from Free Mori. I had lunch with my girl friends at Kstreet and we took the cake to Club 9 to meet the boys for a picture haha. 

  • Attended CALebration, a party to welcome the new batch of A levels students, on my birthday. I lost my lucky bangle that night and I couldn't find it. 


  • The classmates I once knew were gone. Everything started to change. 

  • Celebrated Jenny's birthday on 21st March. The surprise was a failure. However, we made her blew the magic relighting candles. 

  • Stayed at the famous Eastern & Oriental hotel during my visit in Penang. The breakfast was so good!


  • I had no idea why I volunteered myself to help out during the April intake orientation. 

  • Attended Sam Fiesta with Zhilin and met Zhi Shen that night! 

  • Lunch with my classmates at Flat White. The owner of Flat White is my classmate's cousin so we had discount for our drinks! MPU exam was on that day too but we didn't bother much haha. 


  • Celebrated Jyb's birthday at Sunway. Zhilin planned the whole surprise but the surprise team betrayed her haha. The surprise was also a failure because Jyb was suspicious since the beginning. 

  • Did I sit for my semester exam in May? I can't remember, but I scored so terribly and had thoughts to quit A levels. Surprisingly, I didn't. 

  • Nothing much happened. 
  • Oh I got a new phone. Got so frustrated with Andriod always lagging so I changed to an Iphone. 
  • I got a new camera too! 
  • Became super poor after buying my phone and camera LOL. 

  • Went to Korea 3 weeks before my trials. The tour schedule was so hectic I barely had any sleep. Felt like an idol sleeping for 2 hours only and catching buses and planes.

  • Started studying like hell after I came back from Korea. What a sad life...


  • Trials result was terrible, leading to terrible forecast result too. I wanted to quit A levels.
  • AS finals started on 15 Oct. 

  • AS finals ended after 5 weeks. It was longer than SPM and I felt as though I'd age 10 years.

  • Flew to Langkawi to attend The Star Brats Programme. It's a programme for teenagers to experience being a journalist. Attending this programme was  the best thing that has happened in my life. I not only made friends with so many amazing people, but finally found friends who are as silly as me. 

  • Flew to London 2 days after I returned from Langkawi. I had a hair cut before leaving for London and I was so mad at my hairstylist for cutting my hair wrongly. I miss my long hair so much I wish there's an undo button in life.

  • Celebrated Christmas and New Year with my sister in London. 

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