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Hello people! I haven't been able to update my blog frequently due to exams but hey! My last paper is this Friday so I hope to have more time to update my blog! 

Earlier this year, I decided to change from wearing transparent contact lens to color lens. The reason why is because I have those typical tiny Asian eyes and I heard color lens can help enlarge the eyes. Another reason is because I thought it'll be cool to be able to change my eye color without any pain lol .=_=

My friend, Zhilin, recommended me to try Blincon color lens. Honestly, I chickened out wearing color lens for the first time because I've came across people talking about how unsafe it is and how the color will leak out and shits. I decided to just give it a try with Blincon color lens because Zhilin has been wearing it for more than a year. 

It was one of the best decision I have ever made. 
Blincon color lens is so comfortable, it doesn't irritate my eyes at all! In fact, I won't feel as though there's something in my eye. The color is also very natural and it makes my eyes bigger and look less sleepy. Also, Blincon offers 3 months disposable color lens with prices similar to other brands' 1 month disposable color lens.

I'm super in love with Blincon Elegance Cutie Violet color lens! 

Here are a few frequently asked questions and some questions I was curious when I first wore color lens. 

Which color lens are you wearing? 

As mentioned above, I love wearing Blincon color lens. I've tried Freshkon color lens and it made my eyes very dry.

What color do you wear? 

I used to wear Blincon Elegance Topaz Brown but now I'm wearing Blincon Elegance Cutie Violet. 

Is Blincon safe? 

Yes. It's certified to be safe. You can visit their website > Blincon to view the certification brands. 

Can I wear color lens everyday? 

Yes, you can. 

Can I bathe with my lens on? 

No! Don't take the chance. A few of my friends does that because they're lazy to remove the lens and wear it again after they bathe, but I advice you not to. It hurts really bad if water enters your eyes . No matter how experienced you are with wearing contact lens, don't do so. 

Should I rinse my newly opened contact lens with solution? 

Yes, you should. It doesn't matter if your solution is not the same brand as your contact lens, just rinse it with some solution and clean it on your palms before wearing it. 

How often should I change my contact lens case? 

You can change it every 3 months along with your contact lens solution. Most contact lens solution comes with contact lens case so when it's time to open a new pack of contact lens solution, change your contact lens case too. You should also rinse your contact lens case with contact lens solution once a week and dry it by your window before keeping your contact lens inside. 

Any tips on how to easily wear and remove contact lens? 

Not really, no. You just have to keep experimenting and find out the best way to do it. Each person do it differently. After a few tries, you'll get used to it. The best I can advice is not to focus on your finger when wearing and removing your lens. Try not to look at your fingers touching your eyeballs cause that will make you blink. Look at the mirror instead. 

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