Nana's Green Tea, The Gardens Mall

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Hello peeps! I'm back. Many people were asking if I stopped blogging, so here's the answer. No, I didn't stop blogging nor will I ever stop blogging. I was away for so long due to my AS trials, which is actually still ongoing right now. 

Back to the food, as a huge lover of matcha, I finally got to try the famous Nana's Green Tea everybody's talking about. 

I had to line up for 20 minutes before I could be seated. That just showed how packed the shop is with customers! I was seated right at the entrance, a seat which I don't favour because I hate eating at such open space where everybody can see me, but for matcha... Haih.. let's just sit down. xD

Hoji Soft Cream Latte
Latte topped with vanilla ice cream 
Their latte has a stronger coffee taste compared to the normal latte we have at Starbucks but as the ice cream melts, it becomes thicker and the coffee taste decreases. My dad said their vanilla ice cream tastes exactly like Mcdonald's ice cream but don't we all agree that McD's ice cream is smooth and tasty? 

Matcha float 
Matcha latte with a scoop of matcha ice cream. 
If you're not a big fan of matcha, I suggest you not to order this drink because this drink is a matcha bomb! The matcha taste in the latte is very strong, plus with their amazing matcha ice cream, it's gonna be exploding matcha flavour in your mouth. 

Matcha Nama Chocolate Parfait
From the bottom: Matcha jelly with matcha syrup, vanilla ice cream, cornflakes, matcha nama chocolates, matcha ice cream, red bean paste and whipped cream. 

The main part of this parfait is the matcha nama chocolate. It's my first time hearing it and also eating it. The matcha nama chocolate is the 3 square cubes on top of the parfait. The texture is quite similar to mooncake, but slightly thicker. I was a little disappointed with their jelly at the bottom because the taste was so-so only. 

Left: Nana's green tea ; Right: Sakae sushi 
Comparing Nana's Green Tea and Sakae Sushi's matcha parfait, I prefer Nana's Green Tea's parfait. 
The arrangement of the ingredients in Nana's parfait is better compared to Sakae Sushi's. Sakae Sushi puts their red bean paste and cornflakes at the bottom. By the time I reached the bottom, I'm out of ice cream to eat with it, and even if I pull it up to mix with the ice cream, my cornflakes will be all smashed. 

Nana's Green Tea

Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, 
Lot 231A Lower Ground Floor, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur, 

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