I witnessed an unpleasant scene

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I was at the departmental store today when I came across an unpleasant event and I feel the need to share it with you guys.

I was browsing for lipsticks at a corner when a lady joined me. She picked up a tester and swirled it up to check the color. What she did next gave me a big shock.
She tested the lipstick by applying it directly on her lips. I was dumbfounded. I've heard people telling me about it, but seeing it with my own eyes made me felt really disgusted. Maybe she didn't bother if it's unhygienic or a selfish act, but I find it a terrible thing to do.

I didn't confront her. I didn't want to make a scene. Disgusted, I walked away to another lipstick section. Over there, I saw another lady picking up a tester, ready to try it on. She wiped her fingers with a piece of tissue, used her finger to pick up some lipstick color and applied it on her lips. I thought she might use the same finger to pick up more color, but she didn't. She only did it once.

Compared to the previous lady, this lady was considerate about other customers' hygiene by making an effort to clean her fingers before touching the lipstick. Also, she took the lipstick color with her fingers only once instead of doing it a few times which might result in contaminating the lipstick with her saliva.

I continued to another lipstick counter. Again, another lady was trying on lipsticks. Her boyfriend was standing behind her with a few testers in hand. In her hand, she was holding a few pieces of tissues. After trying on a lipstick, which she applied on her lips exactly like the first lady, she took the tissues and wiped her lips recklessly, took another tester from her boyfriend and applied it on her lips again. I was not only unhappy with the way she tested the lipsticks, but also the fact that she asked her boyfriend to hold 3~4 testers just because she didn't want others to take it.

FYI, just in case you don't know, this is the recommended way to test lipsticks in stores. 

You ARE SUPPOSED to apply the lipstick to the back of your finger to check the color. Applying the tester on your lips is not only unhygienic to other people but also yourself. Some diseases can be spread through shared things and you definitely do not want to catch that! I've read online that stores cleans the product with rubbing alcohol but I still think it's better safe than sorry. I've read a lot of stories about how people stuck their fingers in eye shadows, smear it on their eyelids and get pink eyes; taking lip gloss wands/lipsticks, smearing the product on their lips and end up with infected lips.

Be a smart customer. Practice hygiene not for the sake of other people only, but for the sake of yourself too. 

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