Dip 'n Dip @The Curve & Salon du Chocolat @Publika

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Before I start reviewing, FYI, I am not a huge chocolate lover. Call me weird or an alien or anything you want, but I seldom eat chocolate because it makes me feel so 'heaty' (a feeling where you feel as though your throat is being heated up ). I do love chocolate but only if it doesn't make me feel sick. 

Back to the dish. After weeks of bugging my mom, I finally managed to drag my mom to Dip 'n Dip with me @ The Curve! 

Triple Chocolate Crepe
Crepe filled with chocolate and topped with 3 different kinds of chocolates - milk, dark and white. 
The crepe was warm when served and I suggest you to eat it right after it's served because that's when the crepe is at it's best taste! I did feel a little 'heaty' from the chocolate after a few mouths but if you're a huge chocolate lover, no problem lah! :D 

This outdated girl over here finally visited Publika yesterday! I've been wanting to go to Publika a few years ago but my mom kept saying she doesn't know where it is. Few days ago, I found out she had actually been there a few times and so I pestered her to take me there. 

Walked round and round inside Publika looking for a restaurant to have lunch and stumbled into a chocolate place called Salon du Chocolat. 

The interior is quite small and narrow so it's better if you visit it with a few friends only. Upon looking at the menu, I find the food names really similar to Dip 'n Dip's. I read a few other blog reviews and found out from Kellypinksecretlifestyle that the owner of Dip 'n Dip and Salon du Chocolat are actually cousins! 

The shop is a shape of the alphabet L and at the corner end of it, there's a shelf full of artistic vases. 

This is where all the heavenly amazing chocolate food is made!

A must have in all chocolate cafes- chocolate fountain!

A display shelf full with different kinds of chocolate at the entrance. 

I find this picture of pancakes, waffle and crepe diving into a pool of chocolate really cute!

Banana crepe
Folded crepe, filled with banana and topped with mix chocolate. 
OH MAI GOD THIS IS SO HEAVENLY!! The chocolate was so so so good I give it a 10/10! I personally LOVE the dark chocolate the most. I kept eating the chocolate because it didn't give me the 'heaty' feeling at all. 

Chocolate Waffle (half)
Waffle topped with your choice of chocolate. *drools*
There's a choice of half or whole waffle. Again, the chocolate played an important role in this dish. 
Warm waffle + amazing chocolate = HEAVEN 

Super duper in love with their chocolate! Salon du Chocolat is a MUST TRY when you visit Publika! I find their chocolate better than Dip 'n Dip's and they're more generous with the amount of chocolate! Also, Salon du Chocolat is slightly cheaper compared to Dip n' Dip. 

Salon du Chocolat 
Lot 26-27, Level G2, Publika Shopping Gallery.
Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dip 'n Dip
The Curve Mall, first floor at the link 2 to e-Curve
Jalan Telawi, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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