Charlie Chaplin @ One City Mall

3:02:00 PM Elaine Loke 0 Comments

Wait no more cause I finally got to dine in at Charlie Chaplin! 
FYI to those who don't know Charlie Chaplin, he's an English actor, comedian and filmmaker. 

I found out about Charlie Chaplin when I saw my friends posted pictures of them there. The interior caught my eyes and I decided I have to visit it one day. 

Charlie Chaplin's pictures all along the stairs. Sorry for my terrible photography skills. 

Good old Charlie Chaplin films being played. My friends were all engrossed in it and I was so left out cause I was back facing the TV and it hurts for me to turn back just to watch the TV. 

Their menu with a huge picture of Charlie Chaplin on it. 

Fish & Chips 
The presentation of this dish was so so, nothing appealing. The fish was fried till perfection and crunchy. Overall, the taste was satisfying. 

Chicken Mexicano Pizza
Charcoal pizza base, topped with tomato sauce, pineapple, chicken slices and cheese. The pizza crust is thin and crunchy.

Aglio Olio 
This dish was quite disappointing. It wasn't as nice as we expected because the vegetables were all mushy.

Pasta D'Angelo 
I'm quite happy with this pasta because the "creamy-ness" of the sauce was just nice and they're generous with the amount of salmon pieces!

Overall, the dining experience was worth a try. I really love the interior design of the restaurant. Food wise, I give it 6/10. 

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