Vivo Pizza @ Empire Subang

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Throwback: Vivo Pizza @ Empire Subang

Finally got to try Vivo Pizza a weeks back! It's been in Empire for some time and I've been wanting to dine in there but my mom just loves to eat at Nyonya Colors every time we go to Empire. I actually dislike Nyonya Colors very much because their food doesn't suit me. 

Back to the food @ Vivo Pizza

Classic Caesar Salad
Fresh lettuce, chicken strips and croutons tossed with caesar dressing.

It's the best caesar salad I've eaten. The caesar dressing was amazing! I've eaten before super sourish caesar salad and it was really a nightmare for me. The dressing was so sour and the whole salad was covered in the dressing and every bite I took made my eyes swell up! 

Creamy Mushroom 

A totally must try pasta for all mushroom lovers! Vivo Pizza is very generous with the amount of mushroom. Loaded with mushrooms and creamy sauce, this pasta is really worth the price. 

Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice

My love for baked rice never dies! Chicken strips and mushroom slices over a bed of butter rice and topped with creamy sauce and mozzarella cheese. The taste was fantastic! I'm highly recommending Vivo Pizza's baked rice! 

Big Brunch 
Garlic bread, sausage, baked beans, shitake mushrooms, scrambled eggs and grilled tomato.

I went on to Vivo Pizza's Facebook page and found out that this menu is only available at Empire Subang only. Well, everything on that plate tasted like normal. Haha. Garlic bread tasted like garlic bread, baked beans tasted like the ones we buy in the supermarket, sausage obviously tasted like the ones our mom cooks, scrambled eggs were done perfectly, shitake mushrooms were seasoned just nice. The best part about this menu is the tomato. The tomato was sweet! It tasted really really nice. 

Big Brunch menu also came with a choice of americano or tea. 

Visit Vivo Pizza to find out more! 

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