High school and college - what's the difference?

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Hello people! This feeling is so not right. I'm blogging in college while waiting for my mom.. Alone.
Oh well, there's always first time to everything. 

Topic for today: Why I don't miss high school?

Back when I was in high school, I'm all excited to come to college because seriously, being in high school is just like being in prison. Yet, many of my seniors said they missed high school and wish to return to high school instead of going to college. 
I thought I'll be the same too, but after 5 months in college, I never once missed high school. Not even a second. 

More freedom
No more uniform!!! That's the best part of college. I really hate those apron looking uniforms (don't say you never said those uniforms looked like aprons!). Worst part was those ugly socks which has to be above your ankle. That style is just so ugly-looking for me. 
Another thing is we get to wear any accessories we fancy, put on makeup to cover our blemishes, dye our hair etc. I don't understand why dyeing our hair will affect our academic results in high school. Don't understand, never will understand. I still hear some people saying that college students should still have restrictions in college because they're still not mature enough? Seriously? 
For 18 years we're restricted to rules because we're apparently "still immature" (not forgetting the fact that we had to ask for permission to go to the toilet) and then out of a sudden, we're forced to decide our future. 

Better food
This is so obvious.
When I was in form 1, my high school's canteen was really nice. The food was great and tasty and the prices were acceptable. Sadly, good things don't last long. Throughout my 5 years in high school, the canteen operator changed 3 times. Each time it changes, the food got worse. 😒 
Parents said canteen food are super cheap but to me, it's totally not worth it. Rm1 for a packet of nasi lemak sounds great, but rm1 for a small handfull packet of rice with 2 peanuts and 3 anchovies? My mom used to buy rm1 nasi lemak from the market and there's definitely more peanuts and anchovies. 
Food bill will definitely be higher when you're in college but if you know the right places to eat, you'll save more. Cheap and nice lunch in ss15? Mr Rice of course!! 

Better toilet experience
High school's toilet was just totally disgusting! Wet floors with sand everywhere, toilets which couldn't flush, doors which couldn't lock, a mirror which doesn't look like a mirror because you can barely see yourself in it and dirty taps. 
I often have to go from one toilet cubicle to another because THE FREAKING DOOR HAS NO FREAKING LOCK! Just imagine you're peeing halfway and suddenly, BOOM! Somebody pushed open the door. While you're peeing. Halfway. 
The teachers always scold us students for making the toilet super smelly. Yeah I hate that ammonia urine shit smell too but what can we do if we can't flush the toilets? Please go fix the flush before scolding us. 
Washing your hands after using the toilet is a natural thing to do. Yet in high school, I find it disgusting to wash my hands because the tap is soooooooooo dirty and the sink is so disgusting. I think my hands get dirtier after I close the tap. 
At least in college, the cleaning lady cleans the toilet properly and cleanly. Applause to the cleaning lady for her hard work! Thank you cleaning lady! 

Better study environment 
My worst (maybe second worst) experience in high school was finding chairs, and sometimes, table. Due to the limited amount of chairs, we often have to "steal" chairs from other classes. Everybody just becomes inconsiderate and randomly takes somebody else's chair. We have to be a little selfish at times because obviously you don't wanna stand up to study for the next 6 hours! It's so common to manual fanning yourself with papers and books and whatever flappy thing you can find when I was in high school because the classrooms are so hot! At least in college, all the classrooms are air conditioned.

I'm not saying high school is terrible. I just prefer college so much more. Whatever mentioned above are personal preferences.

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