Meltz Cafe, SS15

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After constantly seeing people posting pictures about their visit to Meltz Cafe, I finally got a chance to dine in there! 

A huge black board displaying their menu as soon as you lay foot into the cafe. 
I had a good first impression of Meltz Cafe because the place is nicely decorated and THEY PLAY KOREAN SONGS! Korean songs totally attract me! Even when I'm shopping at the mall, if a store is playing Korean song, I'll naturally walk towards it. 

They have an open kitchen which you can see how your food is being prepared. 

We were like 'AHHHHHHH CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN' when we saw this. The other one should be butterscotch fountain if I'm not mistaken. 

There's also a shelf behind the cafe with books and games. 

Being a typical college student, we decided to play uno stacks. Oh those childhood memories... 

Everybody constantly making that nervous 'WOAH WOAH' sound when the stack looks wobbly. 

Aglio Olio

We waited long for the food to be served. The food was not bad. 


Zhilin and I had a hard time finishing our food because the portion was huge! 
They have set lunch from 12-3pm (not sure everyday or every weekday) where you pay the price of the main course you ordered and get a side and drink for free. I find the deal really worth it! 

Basic waffle

You can't come to Meltz Cafe and not try out their waffle or crepe. The waffle is so so good! It's so much better compared to A&W's waffle. There's a choice of either chocolate or butterscotch syrup or... you can have both! The waffle was served on a nice plate which fits the waffle size. I'm quite satisfied with the way they filled every waffle hole with the syrup. No more eating plain waffle! ^^

Asians at work.
'Gonna snapchat my friends this awesome waffle'
'Gonna update my instagram with this awesome waffle'
'Gonna whatsapp my friends who doesn't play snapchat with this awesome waffle'
'Gonna update my dayre with this awesome waffle' 
'Gonna tweet a picture of this awesome waffle' 

Visit  Meltz Cafe Facebook for more info 

How to go to Meltz Cafe? 
I had a little tough time trying to find Meltz Cafe even though some people told me it's the same row as Grafa and opposite Oregi.
Meltz Cafe is actually located same row as Mr. Rice but further down. You will not see it from Mr.Rice, but just keep walking down the street, passing by Ooi Noodle House and MK Mart, keep walking further and you'll see it!
Happy eating people! 

This blog is so turning into a food blog but oh well, I love to eat!



Visited Meltz Cafe for the third time (ate the waffle during my second visit) in a month! This time it's fondue! 
The best part about Meltz Cafe is they have an option for chocolate, butterscotch or both! Of course tham chiak (greedy towards food) people like me will choose both! I'm so drenched in love for their butterscotch! 

Coney island

Their hotdog was superb! The menu stated it's 8 inches long and I've help you all to verify it! (I happened to be studying when my hotdog came. So out of curiosity, I took my ruler out from my pencil case and measured it :P) There's a choice of chicken or beef sausage but do take note that their coney sauce contains beef too! So for non beef eaters, this menu is not a good choice for you.

Basic crepe 

Amazingly done crepe with a choice of chocolate, butterscotch or both. 

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