I-city @ Shah Alam

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Me: "Pa, we should go I-city one day to see the lightings."
Dad: "Aiya, there's nothing there."

Aunt: "We should go I-city and see what's so nice about it."
Mom: "Yea we should!"

Seriously? =_= Why you only listen to other people? 

Oh whatever it is, my aunt took me to I-city on Labour Day! (I have so many aunts but she's the best!)

Instead of buying tickets, I-city has a card which is similar to touch 'n go. The card is very useful because in I-city, you do not buy a general ticket and enter (like how Sunway Lagoon and Genting works). For every park, you will have to pay for the entrance fee... at the entrance. 

First stop, Space Mission. 
There was nobody inside when we went there! It's actually just a place designed like in space and all you do is WALK

That's not Bumblebee! (not for me) Bumblebee is way cuter! That's a yellow robot! It started sounded right after I walk passed it and I almost dropped my phone!

A time travel capsule (I don't know what to call it) in the Space Mission. A selfie is a must!

Never ever, and I mean it, never ever stay inside this time capsule for more than 3 minutes. The lightings makes you dizzy and gives you a headache. 

Okay..I'm too dizzy. Time to leave. (So that's how I look from the back...)

Going on the space ride after I exit the time capsule. 

To be honest, the ride was soooooooooooooooo boring... 
All you do is look at aliens and shoot at nothing.. 
The entrance fee to Space Mission was RM15 that day. The original fee was RM30 but they were having a promotion.

Princess sleeve blouse from Forever 21
Black tights from Terranova
Black boots from MOD

Second stop, Trick Art Museum. 

Escaping criti...Wait what? criticism? 

Look at mah lady~

To the basement


I hope there's no cockroach inside...

Hi Pingu~

My pet whale

Give me back my 100 bucks you nasty octopus!

Wash up!

Whatchu doing bro?

We spent almost 45 minutes in Trick Art Museum because there was so many pictures to be taken! The ones I posted are only one fourth of it. 

Third stop, Snowalk! A must must must go!

Winter jacket was provided but bring along your sweater too because it's freezing inside! The temperature is -5 degrees!

Super nice lightings the moment we enter. There are 2 parts of entrance. The first part is not very cold (around air cond room temperature). You can go in and out unlimited times as long as you do not leave the Snowalk building. If you're feeling cold, you can come to the first part which is not cold to warm yourself up and go in again!

Entered the second part and I could feel the cold kicking in! 

A picture with my cousin. She's like a second sister to me. 

Most of the walls in here are made up of ice!

The lightings in here were really pretty! It feels like winter in Europe. 

There's also ice slides to play. It's super fun!

There's also a sledge where you slide down in a huge float! I remembered playing it in Snow City, Singapore with my friends and sister! We had so much fun playing it, we kept going back and forth for more than 5 times! The slide space in Snow City was huge so we got to slide down together holding hands. BEST MEMORIES EVER!  In Snowalk, the slide space is very narrow and it's not pleasant whenever you hit the side. 

Snowalk reminded me a lot about Snow City. I had the time of my life in Singapore. Snow City held many good memories of mine but I didn't have any pictures there because camera wasn't allowed in. There were photographers taking pictures for us but a picture costed $6+ if I'm not mistaken! I couldn't bear to buy it. 

A short video in Snowalk. 

I shamelessly took a picture with this guy who was promoting House of Horror. 

This ends my day at I-city. I didn't go to the Red Carpet (also known as the wax museum) because my mom said it's too expensive. I also didn't manage to stay for the night lightings which is the highlight of I-city! Regrets regrets... 

That's the difference between going out with parents and with friends. No matter how fun it is, you'll never enjoy it as much when you're with your parents. 

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