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I've been receiving questions about my hair after I dyed it. So here goes the story: 

When I was in form 5, my friends were talking about college and how we're gonna get more freedom in college, and that includes being able to dye our hair. I've always wanted to dye my hair. I was bored living with black hair for 17 years and I wanted a change.
For some people who doesn't know, I have white hairs. It didn't appear until mid of form 4. I was reluctant to pull it out because I heard people saying that if you pull a white hair out it'll double up. I became more determined to dye my hair. 
Besides that, I have very serious (to me it was so serious) oily hair. My family uses normal shampoo (Dove, Rejoice, Sunsilk, Pantene..) and we don't really care about the brand. We just buy the cheapest one and use them. Until when I was in form 3, I used Pantene shampoo (it wasn't my first time using it) and my head became so sticky! It felt like it has double sided tape on it! I was shocked because I'd used that shampoo before and it was fine. I thought it was my mistake for not washing the shampoo off properly so I continued using it. It became worse. I decided to switch shampoos. It didn't work for me either. I went to visit my hair stylist and I did a treatment for oily hair. It did work for me but it only lasted for 2 months. My hair stylist said dyeing my hair might help. 

So that's the reasons for me wanting to dye my hair~

While I was still in form 5, I asked my parents for permission if I could dye my hair when I'm in college. My father was quite neutral about it and he said I can do whatever I want with my hair provided I use my own money. My mother on the other hand, was very very unsupportive and took control of my hair. She was so against me dyeing my hair because she said it's very bad for my hair. 
After lots of effort trying to persuade my mother, she finally agreed to let me dye my hair but with one condition:-
 I can only do dip dyes. 

The reason is because she doesn't want the chemicals to touch my scalp. In that way, if the dyed part of my hair is damaged, I can just chop it off and no harm will be done to the newly grown hair. 

But things went wrong... 

I told my hair stylist I wanted to do a dip dye and she asked if I wanted one tone or two tones. Thinking that two tones meant ombre hair starting from the bottom half of my hair without touching the top half, I happily agreed. Since it was a dip dye, I wanted a brighter colour because if I were to choose brown, it'll look no difference from my original hair colour or the colour will not be shown. 

I daringly chose a purple and my mom strictly said NO. After a long time choosing, I decided to go with a colour which seem brown and my mom unhappily agreed to it. The second colour was matched by my hair stylist. Before I started dyeing, my mother told my hair stylist that she doesn't want the chemicals to touch my hair and my hairstylist said it will not touch. 

And so I started dyeing my hair... 

After long hours of dyeing my hair, it turned out like this. Instead of two tone dip dye, I had two tone dye. My hair stylist dyed my whole head. My mother got furious and scolded the hair stylist. It was later revealed that my hair stylist did not get the meaning when I said two tone dip dye. She thought I wanted two tone dye. Without any choice, I had to live half redhead and half blonde. (People usually say they're a redhead or blonde but I'm both :P) I got home and started Googleing about two tones dip dye to find out if I really did a mistake of conveying my request to my hair stylist. I sent a question on to a fashion blogger named Shenny Yang. She said she asked her hair stylist and turned out, two tone dip dye means two different colour starting from the bottom half of the hair. Meaning, the top half of the hair is not dyed. 
I do not blame my hair stylist as it's partly my fault too for the lack of communication and understanding. Even so, I'm happy with my hair. I got a full dye which I actually wanted and the colour came out nice. (Maybe God knew what I wanted and decided to make me happy. Thank you God!)

The first few days were hell to me. My mother was so angry and since I just dyed my hair, the colour was very bright and it appeared bright red with a tint of purple under light. My mother and father would comment about the brightness and it made my heart sank so much. I was happy about the colour but every time my parents commented on it, I just felt so guilty. 

I Skyped with my brother (who is currently staying in Canada) and showed him my new hair colour and he said it's nice. I started feeling better when I got positive comments about my hair from my friends. After some time, I guess my mother accepted the fact that I will eventually dye my hair. She stopped all her comments about my hair. Whenever my relatives asked what colour I dyed, my mom will step out and tell them I dyed two colours and she will ask me to lift my hair up to show the copper blonde colour which is hidden underneath. It actually makes me feel good because it gave me a feeling that she was satisfied with my hair colour (maybe she was not but let's just think positive).

So now, to answer some questions regarding hair dyes.

What brand is your hair dye? 
-According to my hair stylist, it's L'Oréal for both my hair colours

What is the name of the colour you dyed?
-Violet red on the top and copper blonde underneath 

How did your hair stylist dyed two tones?
-First, she tied my hair up and dyed the loose part copper blonde. Then, she put a plastic wrap to cover the bottom part and dyed the top part violet red. 

How long did it take to dye your hair? 
-Around 2~3 hours? The time taken is the same as dyeing one colour. I'm sure of it because my mom was also dyeing her hair at that time. 

Did you do treatment after dyeing your hair? 
-Yes, I did the full head treatment. I don't remember the name of the treatment. Sorry >< 

Did your hair became super dry after dyeing? 
-The top part of my hair is still slightly oily but overall, nope. I guess it's because I have oily hair. 

I've recently dyed my hair and it seems like the colour is fading every time I wash my hair!
-It's normal if you see colours on your shampoo foam when you bathe. It usually stops after a week. No worries! 

Did you bleach the bottom part of your hair since it's copper blonde? 
-Nope, I did not bleach my hair. After a few washes, the colour becomes brighter. 

What's your new colour? Why did you re-dye? 
-I did not re-dye. I'm still having violet red and copper blonde hair colour (maybe not). 
It's been 4 months since I dyed my hair and the colour fades as you wash it. That's why it appears brown now.

But sometimes under strong light, it still looks a bit reddish. As for my copper blonde, it's less obvious now but under strong light, it also appears brighter. 

Are you planning to re-dye your hair? 
-I'm in a dilemma now! I want to re-dye it because my black roots are now at an unfavourable length and because I'm planning a trip, I wish I can get rid of the black roots because I do not want my pictures from the trip to appear ugly with the black roots. Yet, I have a strong connection with my current hair colour. It's too pretty! Like what I said, I'm obsessed with my hair! What should I do? 

So that's all about my hair. Sorry if I bored you all with long paragraphs of words!

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