Caffe bene part II

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YO YO YO! I've been away for so long! My mid sem break just ended and I was so busy with tests. I miss blogging so much! TT 

I visited Caffe Bene for the second time to try out their waffle and bingsu. The first time I went, I only managed to try out their coffee and gelato. You can read my Caffe Bene coffee and gelato review here > Caffe bene part 1

Green tea bingsu.
I'm a huge lover of green tea! I ordered the single but it was still so huge. My mom and I obviously couldn't finish eating it. 
The green tea taste was not very strong. It's more towards the milky side. The green tea shaved ice, green tea ice cream and red bean made a great combination. I wasn't very satisfied with it because there's nuts in it! I do not like nuts. :( Other than that, the taste was good! 

Blueberry yogurt waffle. 
Caffe bene's waffles are damn good! Their waffle is soft, hot and sweet. The yogurt and blueberry are slightly sour, so by matching the slightly sour blueberry and yogurt with the sweet waffle, the taste is superb! Every mouth tastes like paradise! 

Caffe bene is located opposite of H&M in Sunway Pyramid. Remember to try out their waffles and coffee when you're there! 

How can somebody go to Sunway Pyramid to try out Caffe Bene and not go shopping? :D

2 for RM49 in Padini! I saw this nice lace blouse and wanted to buy it since it's cheap but when I tried it on... Walao I look like a freaking ah lian ==

This blouse also 2 for RM49, but I look so... 
words couldn't describe how terrible I look in it..

In the end, I only got this denim dress for RM139.90. Wtf so expensive! It fitted me well when I tried it on in the fitting room but when I wore it to college, the front was too low cut! Aiyooooo.....Shit this kinda clothes la.. Make people pek cek aje!

My happiest purchase that day! I saw this sweater in Zara but I did not buy it because it was expensive. 30 minutes after I left the shop, I decided to go back to get it. It's so comfy and nice to wear! 

My favourite oversize sweater from Zara and black skater skirt from Cotton On! 

Close friend strangles you >< 

Envying other people's happiness will only make you sadder. Learn to love your life and you'll soon find happiness in it. 

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