Mojo Nail Cafe @ SS2

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Hello everybody!
I'm feeling so sleepy and sweaty now. I'm keeping my eyes open with latte since I have so many things to do and so little time to accomplish it in time. Malaysia's weather is just so screwed up! 

Pampered myself with a spa pedicure last week at Mojo Nail Cafe, SS2. It's newly open and since it's a nail cafe, you get to do manicure and pedicure while you munch into some good food. 

Super comfy place to get your nails done.

Extra points for Mojo Nail Cafe because they provide movies for you to watch while you're getting your nails done. All the other nail salons that I'd visited before didn't provide me with any entertainment and all I did was stare into space while waiting for my nails to be done. 

Lots and lots of colours for you to choose. One of the hardest option in my life is choosing my nail colour. I'm sure all the girls can relate to it. All of them are just too pretty! 

Super loving this shelf. I must must MUST get that shelf (of course with nail polishes on it) when I get older. All the nail polish are O.P.I.. O.P.I nail polish is always the best! 

Since my mom and aunt occupied the comfy sofa, I sat on their individual chair. It's super comfy and makes me feel like a princess.

Pretty pretty nails! One of my all time favourite colour. 

Mojo Nail Cafe is having an opening promotion now! Manicure + pedicure for only RM48! Quickly call them to book an appointment! Visit their Facebook page for more info! Mojo Nail Cafe fb

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