Caffebene Sunway Pyramid!

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Caffebene! Yes! It's finally here! Their very first shop in Malaysia has finally opened in Sunway Pyramid!

I assume Caffebene had a pretty good start since there's quite a number of customers when I visited. It's quite a small outlet in Sunway Pyramid, therefore you gotta be prepared to sit outside without aircond. 

Caffebene serves great coffee such as latte, mocha and espresso, waffles and also gelato. 

Caffe bene also uses the UFO system where you'll get a UFO device which will vibrate when your coffee is ready. Hence, no more big crowd around the cashier! 

Green tea and chocolate gelato - RM6 per scoop (without tax)

The gelato was pretty impressive. It's creamy and the texture was thick. I'm happy with the gelato because it's actually not very sweet. Some gelatos I had were way too sweet and made my throat burns (I don't know how to explain it but you should have experienced it if you ate too much chocolate at once). The chocolate gelato has a little cocoa taste in it too. The chocolate gelato is rich where else the green tea gelato is more towards the milky side and less on the flavour. 

Real chocolate latte - RM10.50 (without tax)

In the menu, there's a choice of latte with coffee and without coffee. I'm not sure how latte can be made without coffee but I guess that just means ice blended. The real chocolate latte was superb and is a great choice for chocolate lovers because it tastes like ice blended molten chocolate. The chocolate taste is really rich and the sweetness is just right on the dot!

Vanilla latte - RM12.00 (without tax)

I'm quite positive I ordered 'having here' but it came in a paper cup. Oh well, I actually like cup like this because of the cover with that little hole! The vanilla latte contains coffee which is different from the real chocolate latte mentioned earlier. Unlike Starbucks, the latte served was not too hot to drink immediately. I had bad experience with Starbucks hot beverages because I burnt my tongue a few times. The sweetness is exactly like how I wanted it to be (I'm not a sweet lover). The texture is very smooth and strong vanilla taste can be tasted. It's actually the best vanilla latte I ever had.

 I honestly prefer Caffebene more than Starbucks and Coffee Bean due to the taste and also the price. 

Super big thanks to my friends who accompanied me to Caffebene! Let's go again one day! I didn't get to taste their waffles and I am constantly regretting it! 

Mark your calender people as Running Man Lee Kwang-Soo will be in Sunway Pyramid on 8 March 2014 to officiate the grand opening of Caffebene and also hold a fan signing event! Caffebene is located beside H&M store! 

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  1. Just to share, Latte actually means "milk" in Italian :)