Online shopping - Yay or Nay?

8:23:00 AM Elaine Loke 5 Comments

As somebody that always shop online, I often get asked the same question by my friends and relative - Is shopping online good? 

Well, to be honest, it has pros and cons. (Everything has pros and cons...)

If there's cons, why shop online? 

  • It's easy to find an outfit that you dream of 
I admit the main reason I shop online is because I'm able to find the clothes I have in mind easily. Looking for a skater skirt with blue floral design? Or are you looking for a blouse similar to the one your idol wore? Instead of visiting every boutique in the mall to search for it, just Google it and the sites which sell it will appear right in front of you! You need not waste time driving yourself to the mall and spend all your time searching for it. 

  • Online shops sells clothes at cheaper price 
Of course this depends on where you shop! If you're shopping at Zalora, the prices will definitely not be cheap. But if you're shopping at blogshops, 90% of the prices are cheaper compared to the boutiques in malls. I'm sure as a typical Malaysian, most of us are attracted to items with lower price (better still if it comes with a free gift, voucher or discount!)

  • Shop anywhere you want
Provided if you have access to the net.. Want to get that maxi dress but don't feel like going out because the weather is burning hot? Having a sudden feeling to purchase a new blouse while you're chilling at Starbucks? S'okay, just shop online! All you have to do is take out your smart device, search for the clothes you have in mind, submit your order, make your payment and voila! Just sit back, relax and wait till Poslaju/Skynet to ring your doorbell. 

  • Surprise your friends or family members
Is your friend's birthday around the corner? Are you planning to buy him/her a birthday gift but have no idea how to pass it to them? By shopping online, you can purchase all kinds of birthday presents such as clothes, accessories, customize gifts, beauty products etc. and request to post it to your friend's doorstep! 

Sounds nice shopping online? Wait till you read the bad side about it...

  • Famous reason not to shop online - can't be trusted
Yes, it's true. Some online shops can't be trusted. It may look like a decent site to shop, but once you've made your payment, POOF! That shop doesn't exist anymore. Therefore, it's really important to read reviews about the online shop before you shop. Ask friends to recommend good and reliable online shops if it's your first time shopping. Also, avoid buying too many items if it's your first time shopping from that online shop. 

  • Items seen on site and received in mail are different
You may have purchased a pair of lime green shoes but why did I receive a mustard yellow shoes? Items displayed on websites are sometimes edited to look nice. You may like the color of it when you viewed it through your computer, but the real item sometimes doesn't look alike. Also, clothes which online shop claims to be made of cotton might not turn out to be made of cotton.

  • Measurements, measurements, measurements 
I clearly measured myself and chose the correct size, but dammit! I can't fit into it! Sometimes, even though you measured your size before purchasing, there will always be a plus or minus in the measurements. End up, you can't enjoy wearing your new outfit out. 

  • Long waiting period
Some shops have fast delivery while some shops accepts orders in batches. If you're purchasing from shops which does in batches, be prepared to wait for weeks or months for your items to be delivered. Sometimes, waiting for long period is frightening because you might not know if it's an excuse from online shops to cheat your money. Some online shops tell you that you'll need to wait for a month before your item arrives, but a month later when you did not receive it and wish to ask the seller, they're already long gone. 

So, is online shopping a yay or nay?

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