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I've been super duper busy since CNY started and I only managed to update my Dayre because it's so much more convenient. 

First day of CNY outfits. I wore 2 different outfits for lunch and dinner! My aunt got me the hot lips blouse from UK (it's the country, not the shop name) and I didn't want to disappoint her so I wore it out for dinner. 

Outfits- (left) Hot lips blouse from UK, high waist shorts from Romp. 
             (right) Princess sleeve blouse from Forever 21, kilt skirt from Kitschen.

CNY day 2 was really awesome for me. Celebrated my niece's birthday at Imperial China, Jaya Square. Finally a reason to doll up! My whole outfit of that day except my Burberry handbag was bought online! 
White lace blouse from Nile, pink high low skirt from Trendy Bellaz and pink ribbon heels from Agape boutique.

Anywhere you go, remember to take a picture! :D

Highlight of the night! Shark fin soup. Bear in mind that it's not real. Sometimes, I hate eating it because I keep getting crab shells :( 

The wine was so not my style :( 

Went out with my friends the next day but I only joined them for lunch. 

Picture in the toilet is something we always do. 

Tried Pepper Lunch's new menu and it tasted good! Pepper Lunch never fail me before! <3>

Teatime at Mr Bean. All my Singapore memories are back! I first ate soy bean ice cream from Mr Bean in Singapore. When I came back to Malaysia, I was craving for it so badly but there was no Mr Bean outlet in Malaysia yet. Few months later, it came to The Curve and finally, Sunway Pyramid! Living near a mall like Sunway was one of the greatest happening in my life. That mall has everything! 

Super duper cute Mr Bean logo on their pancake. Learn more on their website @ Mr Bean

Thursday is the day with Chem lab :( Tying my hair has always been an issue but now.. Aiya whatever la :P 

Thank goodness there's 2 hours break on Thursday or else I'll hate Thursday even more :P 
Lunch at Kimchi Haru! I've been asking my parents to take me to Kimchi Haru but they refuse because they don't eat Korean food. Happy to know that Kimchi Haru moved from opposite SS15 market to above Watson. 

Now you know why I hate tying up my hair :( 
Pork ramyun and mandu <3>

Lunch at Ding Tai fung on Friday since my class ended early! It's really nice when both my parents are on leave :) 

Aiya, lazy to rotate the picture. Heh :)

Shrimp fried rice, mustard green & pork la mian and hot & sour soup la mian.
Super loving the hot & sour soup la mian I ordered. Although I love the one from Esquire Kitchen, the spiciness level and sourness of Ding Tai Fung's matches my taste more. I've been craving for hot & sour soup for so long, I even tried to learn to cook it by watching youtube =.=''

Dinner at Meteora that night. I've been bugging my parents to take me there because they serve churros and I miss churros. 

The churros came with 2 dips, salted caramel and milk chocolate. The salted caramel was kinda tasteless though...

The taste of churros? Soft, hot, sweet and nice! 

Burgers and pasta for dinner. I was a lil' disappointed with the pasta. Who puts chilli in pastas?! Chilli in pastas is such a taste spoiler :( 

Forget about the image, tied my hair up because the weather is so bladdy hot these few days! Drink more water and stay cool people! :D

I'm obsessed with my hair color!
 What am I gonna do when it's gone? :( I actually feel more confident now with my hair color. Never grow out, my color friend.

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