Taking CNY celebration to a higher level!

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YEHET! Dream came true! We finally had a mini party in class!

Zhilin first saw people posting pictures of their class having a lou sang session and she suggested to do it too. I thought it was a good idea as an ice breaking time so I told the guys and now we finally did it!

A super big thanks to Wai Kin for buying the yee sang for us and also bringing plates for us and Zhilin for providing us with chopsticks! :D 

FYI, We lou-ed 3 boxes of yee sang. Triple the prosperity! ^^

Get set...



Started off with the plastic at the bottom and ended without the plastic xD The power of us!

We did the first box of yeesang during econs class and the second & third during chem class. Our teachers were so kind to spare us some time to do it. 
Felt so sorry to my chem teacher because we didn't provide her with chopsticks and plate to eat the yeesang. :( Sorry sorry 
Also, we were planning to lou sang with Wei Xuein and Andrew who switched class not too long ago but we couldn't because their class didn't match ours. 

It's just us being A-W-E-S-O-M-E

I wonder who was it that said "ketiak" while we were halfway taking picture =_=

The red and black team. We were suppose to wear red and black today but some people didn't wear it. 
My signature word - betrayer :( 

Candid shot. 

Happy Chinese New Year people! :D 

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