18th birthday

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OMG! My wish finally came true!
A birthday surprise by my friends for my 18th birthday! 

Story story to you guys:

During class, Zhilin said she wanted to eat Korean food because her maid wouldn't cook ramyun for her yesterday. I was super excited and was kinda in a dilemma thinking which food should I eat. I happily told Denise and Jenny in class and they agreed to. (Now that I think back, how stupid I must have been in their eyes)

While waiting for our food in The Street Cafe, Jenny said her friend wanted to talk to her and she left the restaurant. Denise followed Jenny and I was left with Wei Xuein and Zhilin. To be honest, the whole time when we were left alone, we were discussing about some feet smell. The whole topic started when the boys mention that they smelt a feet smell from our chemistry teacher. It was sooooooooooooooooo stupid...

Jajangmyun arrived! I was sooooooo hungry at that time I started chewing kimchi and suddenly...

My friends appeared including the boys... And I was sitting like an eel...chewing kimchi like a cow chewing on grass...and I cried... HAHAHA nevermind la, my image was all gone since few weeks ago...

OMG Why did I cry? Girls shouldn't cry in front of guys... 

But thinking back, how can I not cry? Surprise from my friends, got my favourite cake with the candles I wanted, eating my favourite Korean food in my favourite Korean restaurant... Don't cry only weird la! 

Puff puff pufferfish! 

Screw that quote saying girls look ugly when doing a duck face. I wanna take a picture with my fish and you ain't gonna stop me! :P 

Love you Wei Xuein, Denise, Jenny and Zhilin :) 

Thank you Zheng Yang, Jia Yi, Sze Ping, Jyb Ken, Eugene, Nick, Kenneth, Andrew, Zhilin, Jenny, Denise and Wei Xuein 
(PS: I'm not short okay?! I stood lower!!!)

Since the boys couldn't stay back to eat the cake, we kinda ate all of it together. The cake was so nice there's pudding in it and peach and it's tasty and awesome and fantastic. 

Once again, thank you my friends! 


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