Welcome 2014!

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It's been super long since I last updated my blog. It's not that I didn't want to update it, but I really haven't been able to step out of the house for the past week. Rotting feeling is never good. :( 

Happy new year people!

Spent my whole week at home watching dramas and it turned out my old habit came back alive without me noticing until yesterday. I used to peel my lips every time when I'm bored or when my fingers are not occupied with anything to do. I've stopped doing it a few years ago but somehow that horrible habit came back! 
Now, I have to put on lip balm even though it still peels off itself! Bad thing to do... Never ever do it. 

Getting to go out is always the BEST THING EVA!!! Mainly because I really hate staying indoors unless I'm freaking tired and pictures taken outdoors are so much more clearer. Plus, going out means HAVING FUNNNNNN!!! even if it means grocery shopping...

First time visiting Tesco @ The Scott Garden. My mom mentioned she wanted to go Tesco but I had no idea we would end up going to Tesco at some I've-never-heard-before shopping complex. Things there are pretty limited because we couldn't find any baking chocolate and brown rice. Not sure if they really don't sell it there or we just didn't know where to find.

I seriously seriously don't recall Oreo having different flavours other than vanilla. Surprised to see orange and blueberry flavours there! 

I'm getting my monday blues again! Now that college has started, I have to wake up at 6am everyday to get ready. Orientation started at 9am today but I arrived at college at 7.35am because I was suppose to have breakfast with Tzer Yen and Si Han. I ended up feeding mosquitoes while I waited for them for half an hour! Walao, the amount of mosquitoes in campus is really... SO DAMN CHIALAT!

Had breakfast at Asia Cafe which is 24/7 panas over there even though with all the fans on. Headed to the multi purpose hall for some talk about welcoming us to the campus. WHO SAYS MPH IS VERY COLD? I wore my sweater because everybody was saying about how cold the classrooms and mph is. Turned out it was not at all. It's either the air cond temperature was not too low, the weather outside was really hot, or my natural fats are just increasing =_=

After orientation, we went to our respective classroom to meet our classmates. I thought my class will be a bunch of nerds or so but it turned out to be the opposite. Guys were being total weirdos asking each other if they work out or not and if they prefer roti canai or banana leaf. Girls were... yeah, we're just sitting there aimlessly. 

LUNCH TIME BESTIE TIME! Okay... I look utterly suckish in this picture, but it was the only acceptable picture of the 3 of us together. I look like I'm looking into space LOL ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 

Lunch time was the best time today because it's the time I can be who I really am. I'm not saying I'm faking in front of other people but I just feel so uneasy and shy and quiet when I'm around with people I'm not close to. 

Had lunch together with Tzer Yen, Kher Xhing, Si Han and Yi Heng. Well, except for Tzer Yen which I've known for 10 years, others were just first time meeting but somehow I feel super comfortable around them. I guess it's because Tzer Yen is around. 

After lunch, we headed back to campus for a half an hour talk and then that's it! Orientation day 1 finished. Looking forward for orientation day 2 on Wednesday and I hope to make more friends! 

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