Tony Roma's @ Sunway Pyramid

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Went to Sunway Pyramid with my parents yesterday since it was a holiday! I LOVE HOLIDAYS! 

Manage to avoid the lunch crowd and dined in at Tony Roma's. It's been a long time since I last ate at Tony Roma's. 

A must must must try appetizer at Tony Roma's - Kickin' shrimp. 
You know what people always say, "That food taste so good I could feel the kick!" Yes! That's the feeling. It's by far the best shrimp I've ever tasted in my whole life. 

In mood for some latte yesterday. Ended up spending 40 minutes to fall asleep last night. 

Dad's pina colada with pineapple juice. Although I dislike pineapple, this really tasted great!

Avocado & mandarin orange salmon. Finally a decent salmon without the strong fishy taste. Always thought that the orange will be sour but it turned out to be sweet. 

Barely finished my BBQ 1/2 chicken even though I shared it with my mom and dad. 
I wanted dessert too but I was so freaking full. 

Orientation day 2

Went to college at 8am although the lecture was scheduled to start at 9am because of her... and she came late.. and I waited for her for half an hour... 

Accompanied her to eat breakfast at Asia Cafe before we head to the lecture. I'm quite sick of Asia Cafe although it's only been a day. 

Lecture was soooooooooooo boring. I wanted to fall asleep inside the theater so badly. I think the air cond wasn't working well because it was hot inside there. 

Lunch time was cut short for only 30 minutes instead of an hour. Tzer Yen wanted to eat Subway but it was so crowded to the point the door couldn't open. Since Street Cafe was just beside, we went there for a pricey bowl of maggi mee. 

Thank God we didn't eat lunch with Si Han and Yi Hang. I had to sit with my leg stretched out because I wore skinny jeans and my knee hurts if I fold it. So not lady-like haha :P 

Went back late and was rushing to the lecture theater when the guard stopped us to check out cards. I was so frustrated I did a really loud sigh and the guard just let me in. Sorry for being rude. I was really so occupied with the things I was carrying on my hands. 

I was late for my lectures but luckily my lecturer didn't say anything.

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