Ikuzo Ramen @ SS2, Secret Recipe, QQ Noodle House

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Hello everybody! Have been inactive on my blog because I've been blogging on Dayre lately. It's a new blogging platform where you can upload pictures and words immediately from your phone. I find it a lot easier than writing a blog entry because I don't have to transfer my pictures from my phone to the computer. 
I still love my blog dearly and will try to keep it alive. 

I'll just cramp in everything I'd done for the past few days. 


I had a lonely dinner at Ikuzo Ramen @SS2. Mom and dad didn't want to join me eating cold noodles. Ikuzo Ramen's cold noodles was good! Dinner was super yummy but I was a lil' pissed off due to the amount of mosquitoes there! It wasn't flies, but mosquitoes! Those damn blood suckers.

Pampered myself with an egg coated with minced pork. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS! The minced pork actually HAVE flavor and the egg was perfectly cooked. 


Went to Subang Parade because my dad suggested to buy an iPad for my studies. I thought I could pull through college with my laptop but now I realize that laptop is SUPER DUPER BULKY! Since my lecturers also suggested we get an iPad, my dad decided to get me one. 

Lunch at Secret Recipe and it was a total disaster. To be honest, I don't really fancy Secret Recipe's food. My carbonara was said to be creamy, but it wasn't. It was dry and full of cheese, making it difficult to swallow because it somehow gets stuck in your throat. 

Quiet day at Cubes. I always thought that place was filled with people. I even had the chance to pose for the camera haha. Please ignore that weirdo picture on the iPad. I have no idea why it was on. 

Went to SS2 again because my mom wanted to buy chicken floss for Chinese New Year. Saw a a Taiwanese dessert shop called UFO and bought a bowl of shaved ice because I suddenly felt like eating it and they sell matcha flavor too. 

Found a kiwi fruit mask and decided to use it. It comes with seeds too! I'm not sure whether it's real or fake seeds but it looks funny when your face is covered with seeds. 


College is not easy. SO SO NOT EASY! Waking up at 6am and finishing class at 2~4pm? It's like the whole Lick Hung school days repeating again. It's only the first week since class officially started and I'm already goddamn tired. There's maths homework every single day; up until now I still don't understand what my physics' lecturer is talking about; chemistry is not bad though; econs teacher asked us to do presentation.

Lunch together with the sexy, free & single girls at QQ noodle house. Finally a shop that actually sells real dumplings and not those fake kinds where so many ingredients inside are missing. 

Us fooling around ;) 

Stayed back to prepare our econs presentation in the learning hub. They have super adorable block chairs! Surprisingly, we managed to finish in fast and without fooling around. I thought it'll be like secondary school where we play for an hour and do for 5 mins. YAY!

Saw Zhilin doing mehrong (it means sticking out your tongue in Korean) in the previous picture and we all decided to do it! 

Mini hangout time with Zhilin and Wei Xuein after finishing our presentation slides. 

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