Chem experiment, Affin bank event, Brooklyn B & Sweet hut!

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First time wearing lab coat! WOOHOO! I wasn't really that excited because my lab coat was super big since I'm using my sis' but turns out, it wasn't as huge as I thought. 

Our first experiment was to prepare salt crystals. Surprisingly, my team managed to succeed in making it. I was kinda amazed because all the experiments I did in secondary school failed. Also, I had an awesome team mate, Zhilin! Most of the steps were done by her,so I was just like a helper haha :P

Braided my hair since I look really weird if I tie my hair into a ponytail and it's a must to tie my hair if I'm going to chemistry lab. :( Looks like I gotta tie my hair every Thursday. 

Skipped my afternoon class on Thursday to attend Affin Bank's prize giving ceremony @ Menara Affin, KL. Traffic was good and I managed to arrive there earlier than expected. 

I didn't manage to take any good picture during the ceremony because the lighting was bad. Congratulations to all the winners!!! Whoop whoop! Let's skip to the eating part :D

Every time when there's an event, I always look forward to refreshment time. What's best was I got to seat at the VIP table! ^^V

I only managed to take a picture of the roti jala because I forgotten about others. 

The roti jala was good though...

Oh, and I shamelessly took a selca while the manager? CEO? owner? of Affin Bank was just next next to me. I really don't remember who he is but he's some high ranking person in Affin Bank for sure.

Friday is the most chillax day for me since I don't have any afternoon class. Tried bagelwich at Brooklyn B which is located beside Big Chomp burger, same row as Starbucks. Just keep walking down and you'll see it :) 

Lunch with Nicole, Zhilin and Shaun. 

Kept camwhoring with this silly girl (: 

Chicken mayo bagelwich. The bagel was kinda hard but as you eat it, it becomes easier and it's somehow really nice. A different type of sandwich :) 


Headed to Sweet Hut which is located at the same row as McD, beside Jojo Kitchen. 

First dessert to recommend to everybody, steam aloe vera and egg white with papaya. There's a choice of hot or cold. Of course, I chose cold. With this kinda weather in Malaysia, I wouldn't wanna go with hot. 

Some might think the egg white is kinda disgusting, but apparently not. Everything is blended so well together. The papaya and aloe vera are both sweet while the egg white is merely tasteless. Only the egg white is cooked. 

This dessert is definitely something worth the money. 

Baked marquis chocolate pudding with cookies ice cream. 

Digging in...


Super in love with this dessert! It's actually similar to molten chocolate lava cake. The cake is soft and moist and the texture is just.. amazing! Upon opening, chocolate flows out. I've eaten a few lava cakes where the chocolate doesn't flow out like lava =_= The chocolate is a little bitter (I guess it's more of cocoa), that's when you pair it with cookies ice cream! It's a must try! 

Visit their website for more info @ Sweet Hut !

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