The Curve, KLCC, Parade and Empire

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Woke up at 2 am and couldn't go back to sleep because of my tummy. I couldn't even eat my medicine because I had an empty stomach and seriously, there's no food in my house which doesn't need to cook. Finally able to sleep at 6 am and my sleep was cut off after an hour because I had to get ready for my dad's company event.

I was totally not in a mood to makeup and I did a really lousy job on it that day. You'll never believe how long it took me to cover up my dark eye circles

Dad's company event was held at The Curve. We got free movie passes to watch The Hobbit. I was so nauseous when I reached there and my tummy was feeling so freaking terrible. I threw up right before the movie started. In the toilet, of course. We were given coupons to redeem free popcorn or either cheese nachos. I really wanted to eat the cheese nachos but thanks to my annoying sick tummy, I couldn't. 

Felt like dying in the cinema because I constantly felt dizzy and nauseous but luckily it faded away after half an hour and I was able to enjoy the movie. I ate lots of popcorn because I was super hungry. DAMN! Should have told my dad to get me cheese nachos before the movie as a backup.

The Hobbit was such a long movie. It was around 3 hours if I'm not mistaken. Since my mom wanted to take me to education fair in KLCC, we had lunch at McD because it's "fast" food. Had to eat porridge there...ughh

Felt a lot more better and but still ended up carsick when I reached KLCC. What a day!

Met Rachel at education fair and had dinner with her in KLCC food court. 
Mushroom chicken chop rice for dinner. It didn't look appetizing and it didn't taste great either. 

After dinner, my mom asked if wanted to shop around KLCC before going home. I said NO. SERIOUSLY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I actually wanted to shop (who doesn't want to) but it was already late at night and I know my mom will scream at me because she and I are not compatible when it comes to shopping. She doesn't allow me to buy anything or even see anything. 

I was like a small kid when I saw KLCC at night for the first time. I've never seen KLCC during the night before. The scenery was beautiful.


I was suppose to blog in the morning but my mom suddenly came up to me and said that we'll be going to Taylor's College to enrol me in the Cambridge A Levels programme. I thought it'll be just a quick thing so I just put on a lousy blouse and went out bare faced.

Totally unedited picture. My lips were a bit pale because I was still a bit sick. 

I ended up going to Taylor's lakeside campus from the Subang campus because my parents wanted to see the dean. After a few times going to education fair and Taylor's, I ended up still not registered. HAHA so not funny. 

The plan was to go home after visiting Taylor's so that I could get dress up to go shopping with Rachel. Plan failed after Rachel called me while I was on the way home and said she had arrived at the train station. Mom decided to send me straight to the mall and we had lunch together with Rachel and her family. (PS: Rachel is my cousin)

After lunch, my parents went home and I took Rachel and her family to Empire to shop. Shopped around with Rachel and we walked the whole Empire in less than 10 minutes. Empire is really small OMG. 

Just look at how hideous I am. Went to Sasa because Rachel wanted to buy a concealer and then we drank Juice Works because I was bored and I just wanted to drink Cookies N' Creme. I can be really random at some times. 

Visited Crabtree & Evelyn and I almost laughed my jaw out. Tried a handwash and the texture was 90% mucus. It felt so disgusting and I wiped it on Rachel's hand because she was laughing at me and kept saying "macam hingus! hingus!". Continued wiping it on Nick's hand when he came to over because wiping it off was the only thing in my mind at that time. Sorry! It was kinda disgusting. 

Laughing at all the avocado products in C&E because I read online that avocado is supposed to make your boobs bigger and Rachel and I were joking about using avocado-made products to get super large boobs. 

There's actually more to it but I myself is getting tired writing it because I had no more pictures to post about my shopping experience with Rachel. Just gonna stop here :)

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