Steamboat @ SS15

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Hmm.. I actually have nothing else to do right now. I have neither a place to go nor any event to attend. 

I've been lacking of sleep ever since SPM ended. Thought that I could sleep a little longer since it's Sunday today but my mom woke me up at 7.30 am because I had to go to my grandma's house. As usual, slept in the car and woke up with a stiff neck. 

I don't usually talk to my grandma. Mainly because she only understand Cantonese and my Cantonese is like... 60% only. 

Talked crap with my grandma and we went to Aeon after that to buy some fruits. GOD DAMN AEON WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! They're doing some reconstruction at AEON and the place was super narrow and crowded. So not gonna go there until they're done with the reconstruction. 

My mom decided to go to Empire after we finish shopping at Aeon. For all days, she had to choose today when I'm not dressed up or even washed my hair because I woke up at freaking 7.30 am! Didn't even shop for anything in Empire because we just went there to look for a refrigerator and a rice tin. 

Steamboat for dinner! My mom said we were going to eat steamboat at Sunway but in the end we didn't because my dad didn't want to. It's okay, we went to a steamboat shop in SS15 which I love! Good food doesn't always mean high class restaurants or air conditioned restaurants. I'm that shameless girl who'll stand by the roadside just to eat durians. <3 p="">

We ordered just one big plate of food for 3 of us and we still couldn't finish it. Okay,maybe that plate was a little too big. 

Got a surprise message from an old friend today! Found out that one of my close friend, Wei Han, participated in a modelling contest and he managed to be the top 30 finalist! He's currently competing to win the first place. Help vote for him! 

He really has a model face and a nice model figure! I can't find any other better reason to not vote for him! 

All you gotta do is just download the app ChatOn on your phone and launch it!

Next, search for Myc Freshfaces.

Type in 0124068418 to search via phone number. Add them!

Lastly, message them " Vote 023" and it's done! You can vote as many times as you want so start spamming MYC any time when you're free! 

I know it's a little troublesome but who knows? One day you might join a contest and need help from other people too! Even if it's just one vote, it makes a lot of difference. Thank you to those that voted! 

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