Pepper Lunch @ Sunway Pyramid

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I just got trolled by Syabas and TNB. Syabas said there'll be a water cut for 5 days but up till now, water is still running well. It's a good thing there's still water, but can you imagine your house full with pails of water? 

Dad took me to Sunway to shop because apparently, there's a notice saying that there'll be no electricity from 10am till 5pm. But guess what? There was. Nevermind, at least I got to go shopping!

Selfie is a must every time I go out. My dad had to drop by the chicken rice stall to pay for yesterday's lunch. He bought chicken rice yesterday and didn't pay for it because he left his wallet at home and the chicken rice seller just told him to return the money next day. 

When I say I have nothing to wear, I really meant I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.

Say hello to my new shades! Rachel and I bought the same one together when we went shopping at Empire.

Today's makeup was a total disaster! 
Put makeup, such a pain. Don't put makeup, such a pain. Go out with makeup, such a pain. Go out without makeup, also a pain. It seems to me that doing or not doing anything is a pain. 

At least my hair was in a good condition. 

Satisfied my cravings for Pepper Lunch. 
I was craving for it since before SPM and often expressed my cravings on Twitter to the point where Pepper Lunch replied me. 

Teriyaki chicken with egg! Yummy! 

It smelt so nice. Pepper Lunch's portion is always huge but I somehow managed to finish it every time. The sizzling hot plate makes sure your food is always hot when you eat, but that also means you may burn your tongue. Some people prefer to mix their rice in. For me, I prefer to eat it separately because of my mild OCD. 

Went to Terranova, a shop which I really love after Zhiayun took me there. All the clothes are super affordable and the designs are really nice! Bought this top because my dad said it'll be nice to wear to college. I should bought more because it's really comfy. 

I saw this super cute panda hat! I wanted to buy it but it's useless for me because Malaysia is hot all year through. I'll look like a crazy person if I wore it out. 4 seasons country is so much better.

Upnext : 

Are you form 4 or either an SPM leaver? If yes, continue reading! 
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  1. Hello. Did you find the panda hat in Terranova? How much? Thanks.

    1. Sorry for the super late reply =X Yup I got it from Terranova for RM29.90.