Italiannies @ Empire Subang

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After a long wait, I finally had dinner with my primary school friends! Really really missed them so so much. It's nice to know that although it's been 5 years, we're all still caring for each other and also keeping in touch through social media. 

There are 50 of us in class, but the amount of people that attend the outing was only a quarter. Most of them couldn't make it due to other plans and holidays where else some totally vanished into thin air. Seriously, I wonder where did they all go. Trying to be anti social or you just dislike us? DAMN YOU!

Met the gang in front of Toys R Us in Empire and I went straight to Wan Seen to touch her pink hair. I bet she must be thinking "what is this curious little kid trying to do?" 
To be honest, I wasn't in a mood that day because I quarrelled with my mom in the car and I seriously wanted to stop the car by the roadside and asked her to get down (or maybe I myself get down). 

We had a short time to decide where to eat because we didn't decide it before we met. At first, Ju Rae and her gang (we have 2 gangs but we're actually all just 1 big family) wanted to eat Rakuzen. My gang disagreed at first saying that it's too expensive and we might all end up drinking green tea for dinner only. Yet, Ju Rae and her gang walked into Rakuzen so we couldn't stop them. Thank God, Rakuzen was full so we had to choose another place to eat. 

Sometimes, I wonder why all my friends didn't become comedians. While we were choosing where to eat, stupid ideas came out. Example:
  1. Let's go eat mamak roti canai
  2. I feel like eating satay
  3. Let's go Parade and eat McD. Dinner got value meal! 
  4. Let's go Jaya Grocer and buy a chicken and we share
  5. Who drove here? Jom 15 makan coffee shop
  6. Zouk zouk!
  7. Eat anything and if not enough money then we'll go wash plate

We ended up eating at Italiannies and it was my first time there. I've always wanted to eat there but it's too expensive and I didn't dare to ask my mom to take me there. Had to wait for 10 minutes while they prepare a table for 16 people. Thanks to them, I finally experienced how EXO members eat. It's a really really long table and totally impossible to talk to everybody. I was shouting to my friends who were seated at the other end of the table. Noisiest group in the restaurant on that day I guess? 

Truthfully, the price of the food there was a bomb! Even the cheapest drink is RM4.90 and it was mineral water. Can't believe people are selling mineral water at a higher price compared to petrol. Money crisis! Money crisis! Luckily 3 of my friends had the same thought with me and we ordered a pizza to share. 4 person sharing an 8 slices of pizza and it costed RM11.60 for 2 slices of pizzas for dinner plus tax. 

Our bill came up to RM370 and Wan Seen paid for us in one shot and we calculated our portion and returned her the money. She received RM40 short because of some miscalculations and she ended up covering the loss.

Went to the stage area to take a group picture. We went up the stage and got ready to take the picture when the security came and told us we couldn't go up to the stage. So we went down the stage! Problem solved. Did I mention I was so shocked that day? I couldn't believe there's so many people who doesn't know how to use a DSLR. Jie Sheng had to explain to those passerby on how to use the DSLR. Tengok dalam, tekan lama-lama. HAHAHAHAHA 

Most of the picture came out blur because the DSLR was somehow set to manual mode. Aiyo... nevermind la :( 

I guess we contributed to some noise pollution in Empire that day because we were all laughing and make weird noises. Went to Tangs because Cong Sheng was working there and we wanted to take a picture with him. I cannot- #$%$#^#$%@ this stupid promoter who helped us to take the picture doesn't know how to hold the camera. ERH MAI GOD! 

Took a few picture and the security came so we decided to go off. Just as we were going, I think Cong Sheng's boss came. Wished him all the best in his work and shouted to the manger or boss to not fire him and we flee... :D 

This is by far the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life - taking picture at the escalator. YOLO. Ain't nobody as cool as we are!

Changed location to take the group picture.This time, in front of Toys R Us. Again, the camera was in manual mode and so the picture came out super blur. 

A picture of the girl gang before we go home :) 

A picture of the lunatics ;) 

Had a really awesome night with them! And whoever was the one that said "see you 5 years later", NO! See you next year! :D I will appear in your dream and under your bed!

Outfit of the night.

Selfie is a must! 

Goodnight everybody!

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