Free entry to watch The Hobbit!

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Watched The Hobbit 2 for the second time today!
I find this really amusing. I've watched The Hobbit 2 (I'm lazy to type the whole name sorry) twice! And both times were for FREE.

To be honest, I'm not really fond to this movie. It's actually the type of movie which I find it boring (sorry to The Hobbit fans out there. I'm a huge fan of Twilight so if you hate the movie, I'm fine with it. Everybody has their own preference.) I think the graphics are nicely made but whenever it comes to dragons and SPIDERS, NO! I can't stand movies with spiders...and snakes..Even the word creeps me.

Woke up at 7am! today just to have breakfast with my mom. I guess that's why I'm so sleepy now. Today was a rather unlucky day for me. I was drawing my eyebrows when the tip of my eyebrow pencil dropped off and I couldn't find it. Went to Sasa to buy another one but they didn't have the colour I'm using so I ended up buying another colour. Cyber Colour, I do not wish to buy another one because the tip came out please.

Woke up to find my phone wasn't charged even though I plugged it in the night before. God damn I had to go to the phone shop and might have to buy a new charger. Haiyo, spend money again?

Used the pencil liner I bought from It's Skin. I'm not sure if all pencil liners are like that because I only have one which I barely uses, but 10 seconds after putting the eyeliner on, it started to smear. It doesn't stay, not even after I tried all possible ways to prevent smearing. My mom's pencil liner never smears so I guess I should get another pencil liner soon. 

Okay, enough with the complaints. My outfit of the day! I'm standing so awkwardly haha :(

Thanks to Brickfields Asia College, BAC and MBO cinema, I got to watch The Hobbit 2 for free. According to the email I received, I was suppose to arrive half an hour before the show starts (show starts at 10.30am). I reached there at 10am and the cinema wasn't even open yet! Zhiayun was running a little late so I had to linger around on my own. Luckily Starbucks was already open, so I got to use their free WiFi. :D

Pout pout my ugly face haha :P 

Met Wan Seen there and lined up with her while waiting for Zhiayun. We saw Omar there too! Zhiayun and I were planning to ask Omar to join us but we didn't dare because it felt so awkward and we weren't sure if he's there alone or his friend was coming late. Sorry Omar! It was a push and pull situation. :( 

The movie was really long. Sat there till my butt also want to 开花
Trick of the day: After the movie, go to a toilet far away from the cinema cause there'll be less people and you don't have to cramp inside. 
Wow! You can finally see Zhiayun's new hair colour in this picture.
Another trick of the day: Take your picture in the bathroom with lights on to capture a better colour of your new hair colour. This was proven by my mom, my cousin Rachel and Zhiayun (in this picture). It works 90%. 

Finally got to taste Starbucks' winter season Peppermint Mocha Frappucino. I got a smiley face from them! :D

Everybody loves Starbucks but sadly, you just can't have it everyday.

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