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Still remember how our parents always ask us to leave the shopping mall before the traffic becomes congested? Still remember how we always never understand why or is it just me?

God damn traffic jam really makes you wanna go crayyyyy...
Imagine getting stuck at the same spot for 20 minutes

Anyways, I've been going to Empire lately, and mostly is meeting people. Met up with Wei Qian, my mom's friend's daughter who is currently a Law student. My mom wanted me to talk to somebody to make sure I really want to pursue Law. 

Met her at Juice Works and I got to drink choc banana split! Been craving them like forever!

After the meeting, treated myself to honey mustard crazy potato because I skipped lunch. I guess the calories in this is much more higher than a simple lunch. Honey Mustard! Who doesn't love honey mustard?

[cr: to owners and Google]
I've been having lots of cravings lately. First off, CHURROS! It's not surprising to not find churros in Malaysia. It's more common in European countries.  Apparently, I found a store that sells churros but it's located in Tropicana City Mall! I've only ever been there once because my parents don't fancy going to shopping malls. Hopefully they'll open a branch somewhere near me soon. 

I've been craving for chili too! To those that's not familiar with it, it's actually minced meat + kidney beans + onion + tomato all together. You can get it at any Wendy's fast food outlet. It's not a common food in Malaysia but when I was in the UK, I could easily find chili in the supermarket. 

Tony Roma's kickin' shrimp! This shrimp is really KICKIN'! It's a must-have for me every time I dine in at Tony Roma. Sadly, I only get to eat it when my mom gets bonus or our monthly expenses are in budget for that month. 

Spaghetti carbonara! I haven't eat spaghetti in ages! Maybe I should cook it today.

Tteobokki! OMG! I can't cook this dish because I couldn't find rice cakes anywhere! 

Swensen's bread bowl mushroom soup. Eating in a bread bowl excites me!

Egg benedict! I tried making this once but it came out so freaking ugly! Those YouTube cooks are seriously professionals! 

Last but not least, Penang hong bak. Sorry if you feel kinda disgusted, but this is how it really looks like. It might look unpleasant, but the taste is fantastic. Worst of all, you can only find it in Penang. Every trip back to Penang, my mom would buy it from the old lady at Pulau Tikus market. I hope she teaches me how to cook it before she retires. The recipe is  quite impossible to find online and it seems only a handful of grannies know how to cook this dish. 

Merry Christmas everybody! A weirdly edited picture of me haha :D

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