Bulgogi Brothers @ Mid Valley

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Woke up at 8.30am today when my mom came in and started calling my name in a ghostly manner. UGH it gives me nightmare. 

Had breakfast at USJ 2 and went home to get ready to go Mid Valley for shopping! 

I kept thinking there's something about today's outfit which I shouldn't wear but I couldn't remember why. I remembered when I arrived at Mid Valley. The outfit makes me look fat....or maybe I am.

Had been wearing this shades I bought with Rachel instead of my usual black shades because my black handbag is too small and my black shades is too big to fit it. I sense a new handbag coming!

The Christmas decoration in Mid Valley is really nice! There's christmas trees at every corner.

I usually get super active when it comes to shopping but today I felt lethargic. I guess it's because there's too many people. Everybody was pushing their way through and knocking into each other. Perhaps, 'excuse me' could be used in those situations, ladies and gentlemen. 

When I said I didn't have the energy to shop, I really meant it. Somehow, nothing was attracting me. I even camwhored in front of the boutiques while my mom went shopping. 

Saw a stall which sells...do you call that plates? As in car plates? LOL 
I didn't know my brother's name is famous!

Everybody loves EXO! Mind me, I have no idea why was I standing there awkwardly...

The only best part of the day in Mid Valley was I got to eat Bulgogi Brothers. AWESOME FOOD AWESOME TASTE AWESOME SERVICE.

Got to watch music videos while I ate. The only thing that's bothering me is the music and the video are not the same. They were playing Christmas songs on the speaker and Korean music videos on the TV. How stupid can that be?

When I first got in, the restaurant was quite empty with only few tables occupied. Shortly after I ordered, the whole restaurant was filled.

Love this picture but my mom closed her eyes.

Ordered honey jujube tea which was really refreshing and sweet. 

Vegetable salad, pumpkin salad and eggplant. I really enjoyed the pumpkin salad. 

Kimchi, kimchi onion and turnip. As usual, ate all the kimchi after it's served and had the waiter refill it several times.<3 p="">

Oh God why did I do that face? 

Spicy Chicken Bulgogi. I wanted to eat BBQ but it's all beef only and my mom doesn't eat beef. Nevertheless, this tasted great. It was a little spicy but the spiciness helped to bring up my appetite.

The chicken bibimbap lacked some taste. 

Who can resist food?!

Merry Christmas everybody! 

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