Boxing Day shopping & K Street @ Sunway Pyramid

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Shopping with Tzer Yen on Boxing Day! 
Most frequently asked question when somebody sees us: Are you two twins? 
Haha it's kinda nice to hear people say that although clearly we two don't look alike at all. 

As usual, she woke up late and we arrived at sunway around 11.30am.
Our definition of shopping: Go into every boutique, take random clothes, try it on and leave the shop unless we wanna buy it. 
I guess the fitting room worker hates us because we take lots of clothes to try and dump all of it in the 'unwanted' basket.

My outfit of that day. Whenever I go out with her, I have to wear the simplest outfit, flats and no accessories. Reason because we try on lots of clothes when we go shopping together and we walk A LOT. not forgetting that time we wore heels and almost lost our both legs.

Ahh~ Stupid hair! Baggy sweater from Forever 21. Forever 21 has the best fitting room EVER! 

This baggy sweater costs RM70...after discount.. OMG

Shopping on halt while we grab lunch at The Street Cafe because I was dead hungry since I didn't have breakfast. NEVER EVER and I mean never ever order raboki unless you're a spicy freak. It was super duper spicy it made me cry and I felt like drowning myself in milk to cool my throat. I don't remember it to be that spicy. 

Thank God I ordered the set and that raboki came with kimbap. TSC has the best kimbap ever! I LOVE KIMBAP! 

Continued shopping after lunch. We went to all the stores at least twice incase we missed out any nice clothes during our first visit. Forever 21 again! Got myself this simple blouse because I love the princess sleeve and it happens to look like Tzer Yen's outfit for that day. 
I have no idea how many same clothes do we have now. I guess many?

We did go into many boutiques but there were not many pictures because shopping is always first! Terranova! My favourite boutique. The only thing I hate about it is the fitting room. Please fix a door because a cloth is super insecure. As usual, I must buy something every time I visit Terranova. Got myself a galaxy printed tee and another long pants. Where's my shoe?! I've been buying too many long pants lately. 

Oh! I saw a really really pretty shoe at Asian Avenue and I wanted to buy it even though it's RM89.90 but I couldn't because they didn't have my size! I went back to that shop twice just to visit that super pretty shoes! I hope they have my size the next time I visit because I really really want it so badly T^T

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