Baking cupcakes

6:35:00 PM Elaine Loke 0 Comments

Since it's the holidays, I started baking again. Sometimes I wonder why go through the trouble to bake when you can buy cakes cheaply from the supermarket. 

Mixing the batter while watching Hello Counsellor because I wanted to make use of the time standing there staring at the wall. Ended up having to mix it by hand instead of the mixer because there was no plug nearby.

A piece if chocolate in every cupcake because my fridge is overloaded with chocolates.

People usually bake with their mom but I had to do this all alone because I realise, every time when I bake with my mom, something will get burn. Plus, she works most of the time.

It takes 20 minutes to bake the cupcakes but I had to spent hours baking ALL the cupcakes because my oven is too small and only 6 cupcakes could go in at a time. 

FYI, I did not make it from scratch. I bought the ready mix flour which only need to add oil, water and eggs into it. I wanted to do it from scratch but I forgotten to bring the recipe out when I went to the supermarket and I couldn't remember which type of flour to buy.

I did the icing from scratch and now I'll never ever eat cupcake icing anymore. The icing is 100% fattening and will increase the chances of you getting diabetes by 99.9%. Now I understand why people say children shouldn't eat so much junk food. 

I had a really difficult time putting the icing and NO, I do not wish to do this ever again. 

Among all, I chose this as the best pattern I did that day. What a joke. 

And I call this 'the cactus'. Not sure if somebody did this before but I invented it last minute when I realised I didn't have enough icing. 

Coloured sprinkles on the cupcakes to cover up my bad job on the icings. I guess this is what we call cheating.

Now that I've baked, time to change my nail art! Gonna start painting my room next week and I seriously hope my nails doesn't break. I'll cry a Han River if it does.

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