Wondermilk @ Damansara Uptown

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Decided to take my parents to dinner at Wondermilk in Damansara Uptown. My outfit of the day :) 

We ended up sitting on boxes because all the tables were full and we didn't want to sit outside. Actually, it's not exactly boxes but they have special tables and chairs which were made to look like boxes. 

My mom and I. My mom doesn't usually pose for the camera but she was so photogenic today.

My honey mustard chicken sandwich! I love honey mustard! 

My sandwich came with potato salad! It's hard to find a good potato salad here. Until now, the best potato salad that I've eaten in Malaysia is this potato salad from Wondermilk! 

The sandwich tasted great! It's so juicy and the amount of cheese is just nice. It's not too much to make you feel so stuffed but it's also not too little to make it seems useless putting it in. The portion is just nice for me because I can never ever finish a course by my own (unless I haven't eaten for 20 hours LOL) That's why I sometimes skip lunch. Breakfast usually last me till dinner. 

My mom's grilled chicken burger. Had a super big bite and it was so cheesy. They have a dinner set meal which comes with a burger of your choice + fries + drinks for only RM22.90! Love the fact that they give you some greens with your food. I hate it when I don't eat vegetables. I feel sorry for my liver. 

The ultimate super burger! If you're wondering, yup, we moved our seat to a table with suitable chair after the customer left because my dad's legs were too long to sit on the box. 

I really don't know how it taste like because I avoid eating beef but my dad really loved it. He said the beef patty was really nicely made as it's really tender. And he also said the fries were better than McD's! YES I DO ADMIT IT! The fries were somehow nicer than McD's even though we ate it after our main course. Usually McD's fries become soggy and it's not really nice to eat after you leave it for a while. Plus, the fries from Wondermilk were not as salty as McD's. Sometimes I really can't handle the saltiness of fries from McD. 

You can't go to Wondermilk without trying their cake or muffin! Got myself a rainbow cake in a jar! Too full to eat it so I guess I'll just have to wait till tomorrow to eat it. Definitely gonna keep that cute little jar! 

They prepared a small play area for little kids to play! A mini kitchen! I wanted one of this set when I was young but my mom bought me a portable kitchen instead. 

Go to Wondermilk's website to find out more about them! +Wondermilk Cafe

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