Shopping at One Utama

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Hello everybody! Since SPM is over, I've got more free time to hang out with my friends.

Since my mom wanted to go to One Utama, I decided to meet up with Jan. Got lost the moment I arrived in 1U because I seldom go there. Met up with Jan and we had lunch with my mom before walking on our own. (Having lunch with mom so we can save on food money heh)

Sushi Zanmai for lunch! Can't remember what this dish is called but it's like a mini steamboat. We had to wait for 20 minutes for it to cook haha. My mom finished her rice even before we started eating. 

Shopped with Jan while my mom shopped on her own because we wanted to shop for different things. First stop, H&M! 

Apparently in Canada and US, H&M is actually a low cost boutique. Only in Malaysia everybody is crazy over H&M's clothes. Plus, H&M is cheaper in Canada. That's why I love shopping internationally. 

My outfit of the day - Red side drop blouse from Sungei Wang, pink neon shorts from H&M, white crossover flats from Ruby. I wanted to wear heels but I know I'll be walking A LOT today. 

I got myself a simple black tank top.

H&M buy 1 free 1! I love free stuffs. Everybody loves free stuff! This black long pants was one of the buy 1 free 1 item! I guess I went into the fitting room 6 times today just to get the correct size. The fitting room today was empty so I didn't have to line up just like what I did in H&M Paradigm Mall. It was super havoc in there the last time I went. 

Super stretchy and comfortable pants! Gonna be a good outfit for college next time! 

Mind the messy fitting room. I have a tendency to put all my clothes and things everywhere. I tried on this dress and wanted to buy this but in the end I didn't because I couldn't find a good reason to buy it. 

Bought the black pants, black tank top and a black blouse. Black is the new black.

Ran to Crabtree & Evelyn because Jan wanted to buy a gift. I have no idea why did we run haha. 
Had a really fun time with Jan at 1U :) 
Gonna end this post really quickly because I'm currently Skyping with my brother! 

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