My Beauty Diary mask sheets & The Face Shop E'thym moisturiser

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Third week of SPM is coming up! I can't wait for it to end but at the same time, I'm so worried for my 3 science papers. Biology, physics and chemistry are all 3 days straight without any breaks in between. I wonder if I'm able to revise all the chapters before the exam starts. :( 

Have any of you heard of My Beauty Diary mask series before? It's an awesome mask series which I totally love! The one I'm currently using, bird's nest mask and Arbutin, are so amazing! I just have to recommend it to everybody. 

As you all know, or maybe don't know, I'm a whitening freak. I use lots of whitening products such as TFS's white tree snow, whitening moisturizer and also whitening masks. I guess it's because I have very tan skin which I hate and I feel so much secure after using whitening products. Yeah I might still be tan now but imagine if I didn't use any whitening product. I might look so much darker! O_O 

Of course, my skin does instantly become fairer after using the mask, but short term usage will only lead to short term result. 

What are the pro's of MBD's bird's nest mask? 
  • It really whitens your skin and the results can be seen instantly after using the mask
  • It's very soothing and has a cooling effect 
  • It covers the whole face to allow your whole face to receive the nourishment
  • It's easy to open and does not leave a mess 
  • It doesn't disrupt you from multi-tasking. You can continue studying while you're wearing the mask
  • Cheap and easy to purchase
The cons 
  • Short term effect. You need to keep using it to see a better result
MBD has many other types of masks to satisfy your needs such as whitening, hydrating, anti oxidant, repair and many more! You can also purchase it from Sasa or MaskSlim for very reasonable price! It comes in a box of 10 for the price of RM35++ (I can't remember the price). 

Next review? TheFaceShop's E'thym moisturiser 

I didn't buy this moisturiser at first. My mom was the one that bought it and she decided to give it to me after using it for a while because she said it wasn't a good moisturiser. I thought it was because of her skin type which is not suitable. I decided to test it on myself. WORST DECISION EVER!

I have been a loyal user of TFS's products and all these while I've been using the ice flower hydra emulsion which I'm really happy with. I was expecting this to be good also but it's terrible. After using it for about 2 weeks, my face became so oily and pimples started popping out. (I don't think it's because of SPM because I am equally stressed as I was during trials but my face was still in good condition during trials) 

I also didn't like the texture which is super thick and heavy. I wonder why my mom bought this. My sister uses this and she says it's good but I guess maybe that's because her skin type is suitable for this moisturiser.

From this picture, you can see those odd spots on my cheeks. That's what I got after using E'thym. I decided to put this black and white picture because the one with normal colour is really ugly.

So I've decided to stop using E'thym and continued with my usual moisturizer, and guess what?! My face's condition got better!YAY!

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