Let's just say... we're unlucky

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Where should I start? What should I say? How should I start? 
I seriously have no idea what to do right now. Moral paper was just so fucked up. We spent an hour or more memorizing each nilai and in the end, only one nilai came out. We spent 5 years learning all the answering technique, and in the end, they changed the format. We spent so much time in preparing for today's Moral exam, and in the end all our efforts were wasted. No, I'm not gonna point fingers or anything, but let's just take it as our unlucky year.

96-liners are all complaining on Twitter and yeah, I actually have loads to say. So pardon me while I spill everything out here on my blog instead of doing it at Twitter.

  • Why did the format changed so suddenly? Don't expect students to know what you want all the time
  • I don't know about other people but this is the first time in my whole 17 years of living I see a many questions that ask to JELASKAN NILAI but is only 1 mark
  • Why is the answer line so short? If I write down there, examiner say so untidy, he minus my marks, I RUGI LEH! 
  • THIS ONE I MUST COMPLAINT! Y U PUT SUCH SADDENING PICTURE OF THAT ELEPHANT? I HAD A HEARTBROKEN MOMENT! There's so many other pictures to put, why you put that picture? And this world is so terrible. I can't believe people even do this to animals. What does it feel like if I shoot you in the head with a bazooka? FUN? NICE? INTERESTING? AMAZING? 
  • Since when does essays ask to terangkan 5 alasan? Okay, 5 alasan, 10 marks, right? 10 divide 5 is 2. So that means for every isi I wirte, I'll only get 2 marks. So that means it's not NPCPC? But then I saw Roshini tweeted that Pn.Lucy said it's NPCPC. So how are we suppose to write 5 alasan each with NPCPC? I'm really so confused with everything today. 
[All stated above are just personal thoughts]

Juniors, take note. Better remember all your feelings right now.

Now I totally understand why everybody says Moral is not easy to score. It really isn't, but then again, it's over. So let's just live a happy life and move on to add maths (pray to God we'll all be able to answer tomorrow's add maths paper) 

credits: to the owner of those tweets(sorry I edited the picture in case you didn't want to show yourself) and comic picture.

My pimple is really making me turning into The Hulk.

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  1. Totally agree....I guess you 96 people are just so damn unlucky... and they wonder why we despise our education ministry...