Hunger games and shopping with my girl friends!

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My outfit of the day. The theme was mature but it seemed I overdid it. My friends asked if I had a business meeting to attend. I reached the mall late because I forgotten what time I was supposed to meet up with my friends. 

I shamelessly took this photo at Sunway hehe 

Us today. We wanted to watch 2 movies but because of the bad timing, we only managed to watch Hunger Games. I'm somehow disappointed in the movie because I feel that the ending was so rushed.

Lunch at BarBQ Plaza before the movie! 

We went to H&M since it was newly opened at Sunway but somehow I'm rather disappointed with it. I didn't really have the OH-I'm-in-H&M mood just like what I had when I went to H&M in Paradigm Mall and I Utama. 

After our movie, we went for dessert at Tong Pak Fu. I had the creme brulee and it was so sweet! 

Shopped at a shop called Terronova if I'm not mistaken and oh, it was heaven! The clothes there were so nice and the price is quite reasonable. Well I guess it's reasonable because it's actually having a discount. I wanted to shop more but I didn't have enough money since I spent it on a bracelet which I regretted buying it now. 

Can't caption this as "US" because Zi Qing is not in the picture. She went home early. :( 

My favourite picture of the day! I bought that cap from Terranova :) Love it so much! 

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