Daorae @ Taipan USJ

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SPM is finally over! After more than a month having less than 5 hours of sleep everyday, finally everything has come to an end! 

Of course, celebratory dinner is a must! 

Out for dinner with my friends at Daorae! KOREAN FOOD CRAVINGS SATISFIED! 

Side dishes (banchan) are the best! Although I don't know what's most of it, everything tastes superb!

The best salad I've ever eaten! Not sure how much calories it contains but it was AWESOME! Craving for more of it! 

Zhiayun and Ester tonight. I took my DSLR to take good pictures as memory but guess what? LOW LIGHTING + CANNOT ON FLASH BECAUSE EVERYBODY WILL GO BLIND = BLURRY PICTURES! But luckily there were some pictures which were clear.

Zi Qing and me! 

Highlight of the night! A must eat when you visit a Korean BBQ restaurant! 

The smell of it ~ Heaven! 

A must-do thing = SELCA! 

Oxford word of the year - SELFIE 


Selfie with Ester! 

Selfie with Zhiayun 

Us tonight! Don't question how we took this picture. It was really... HAHAHA 

Dessert is a must after a good dinner! Headed down to McD for a McFlurry :) 

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